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Statistics Project (Statistics Project Sample)

Actually it is a group project am suppose to do only 2 question from the whole project Question #2, question #7 and 8 This is a stat. project the instructions is attached. source..
Issue 2     Please complete the following two conditional probability tables.  There have been complaints that there is skewness in certain departments in relation to ethnicity and gender.  It seems that certain supervisors are hiring only females or only Asians.  Please complete this accurately so that the CEO can see if there are hiring trends in his agency.     Table I
 WhiteBlackHispanicAsianForeignTotalDept. 1 401128Dept. 2 241108Dept. 3123118Dept. 4401128Dept. 5 321028Dept. 6      Total 14874740        Table II
 FemaleMaleTotalBlack 628White6814Hispanic347Asian224Foreign257Total192140
According to Table I it seems that Department 1 and Department 4 have a high percentage of whites working for them. Whereas Department 2 shows skewness in hiring blacks which form the greatest majority. Department 3 and 5 don’t show any symptoms of discrimination or racial preference.
It also seems that most of the employees in Department 2 and 3 are females whereas Department 4 and 5 and 1, show a culture of male hiring exclusively. Department 4 particularly stands out with only 1 female employee.
Although males make the majority in most races, black females are in greater demand. There seems to be almost equal number of men and women working from the total which signifies that there is probably not much discrimination.
However, departmental trends show instances of discrimination and preference of hiring one sex over the other.

Issue 7     Please refer to the conditional probability table or complete it first before attempting this assignment.  The CEO has asked for a committee to be formed to approve and review promotions.  Please list all your answers in percentages?     From Table 1, what is the probability of choosing an African American employee?     From Table 2, what is the probability of choosing an Asian female given all females?     From Table 1, what is the probability of choosing a White employee from Dept. 2 and then an Hispanic employee from Dept. 3?     From Table 2, what is the probability of choosing a Black male or Foreign male?     From Table 1, what is the probability of choosing a Foreigner or an Hispanic both from Department 5?
The chances of choosing an African American employee are 20% as there is a probability of 8/40 of picking an African American employee.
This is a conditional probability. The probability of picking and Asian Female is 2/40 and the probability of picking a female employee is 19/40. Hence the conditional probability of an Asian female is 2/40/19/40, which means that the chances are 10.5%.
This is 2/8 x 3/8= 3/32 x100= 9.375% Hence the chance of picking a white employee form Department 2 and Hispanic from Department 3 is very slim.
The probability of choosing a b...
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