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Quality Cultural Health Care (Essay Sample)

Your outline should take the following form: I. Brief introduction to topic II. Description of controversy over the topic A. Arguments one side of controversy B. Arguments on other side of controversy III. Your position on controversy IV. Conclusion source..
Culture has been defined as shared beliefs and behaviors that are shared among a certain group. It includes practices, methods of communication, values beliefs, ethnicity, gender, and views on roles and relationships. These factors are collectively called socio-cultural factors which shape peoples values, belief systems and motivate behavior (Donini-Lenhoff, 2004)
The United States has made tremendous improvements in overall health and life expectancy. This is basically because of initiatives formulated in public health, health promotion and disease prevention. However, there has been a controversial debate regarding the provision of quality cultural health care. There are those who argue that there is no discrimination based on ones cultural background in the provision of health care services. But these arguments are disputed by others who argue that discrimination is prevalent in the health care sector based on ones cultural background.
There are disparities in the provision of health care among racial and ethnic groups in the U.S. which are caused by several factors such as poverty and lack of health care insurance. Social-cultural differences among health care professionals have been seen as the main causes of for disparities in the provision of quality cultural care. Racial discrimination has been practiced in several hospitals where minority groups are denied access or are not given the necessary treatment (Robins et al., 2009).
These challenges are attributed to racial and ethnic disparities in health since minorities are subjected to adverse social determinants. This has been attributed to under representation of minority groups in the health care work force. Several studies show a relationship between racial and ethnic diversity of health care work force and quality cultural ...
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