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Cultural Experience (Essay Sample)

1.Attend a lecture, read a novel or watch a movie about a cultural group other than your own. 2.Explain your reasons for selecting the experience (movie, novel or lecture). 3.Briefly describe the experience only. Do not retell the entire story, lecture, or film. 4.Compare the experience to your own values and belief system. 5.Describe your feelings/reactions to the experience. 6.Describe your assumptions, stereotypes, and perceptions prior to and after the experience and perceptions and stereotypes after the experience. 7.Describe what you learned about yourself. 8.Was this a valuable cross-cultural experience? Why or why not? source..
Running Head: Cultural Experience
Cultural experience
Student name
Cultural experience
Cultural diversity in America has been viewed differently by people, however, in the 21st century, it has become a source of strength. Racial prejudice has been prominent in American and the African Americans have been victims of racial prejudice hence this forced me to watch the movie Remember The Titans, written by Boaz Yakin and directed by Bruckheimer. I selected this movie in order to view the relationship between African Americans and the white Americans at T. C Williams High School. The movie is a clear revelation that diversity can be a source of strength in a team consisting of both white Americans and African Americans. In addition, I selected the movie since issues about cultural diversity have been discussed in all the American society settings. From the times of civil rights movements, the American society has yet to accept the fact that cultural diversity is an asset which should be employed to enable America to remain a superpower.
The movie, Remember the Titans, revolves around a high school football team which is coached an African American and assisted by an experienced white coach. The movie is set up in a time where racial discrimination is a deep rooted societal problem, however, as the movie progresses, through the guidance of coaches, the team gets united and they are able to win the final game irrespective of the situation that their opponents team are dominated by white players. Through the teams unity, the society and the school administration is able to change their attitude towards people of color. Through the movie, the diversity is shown as a source of strength and unity is strength. More so, the coaches` experience teaches the audience on different mechanism that can be employed to solve problems. Coach Boone and Coach Yoast also display great leadership qualities. Though both coaches come from different social cultural background, they are united by a common objective, winning.
The movie experiences are astonishing since though much is said about the American history, it is sad to witness what the African Americans have gone through in the hand of the primitive white Americans who consider themselves to belong to the upper class. Though racial discrimination exists, presently, it is not prevalent compared to the situation that existed in the 20th century. I respect the African Americans and interact with them freely. My best friend is an African American whose father is a Kenyan and the mother is a white American. I socialize with people from different cultures and learn from them differ...
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