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Correlation. Answer Both Question: Correlation. Statistics Project (Statistics Project Sample)


Answer Both Question: Correlation
Question 8 A
Pick any two variables that you feel may be related and estimate what you think the strength of the correlation coefficient would be for those two variables. In your response, estimate the value of r. For example, specify a strong (.7 to .9), medium (.4 to .6), or low (0 to .3) value for r. The value of the coefficient can be positive or negative. For example, consider an increase in police patrols in a neighborhood and the number of burglaries that occur in that neighborhood. I would say that would be a strong inverse relationship with an r value of -0.8; as one (patrols) increases, the other (burglary rate) goes down. Describe the factors that you think would contribute to why the variables would have the relationship that you estimate it to be.
Question 8 B
Now that you have completed this course in Statistics, please describe a concept covered in the course that you feel might be of assistance to you now or in the future.
(I want be a counselor working with homeless kids, please use a chart or graph).
For example, using charts and graphs to graphically describe data at your job, or using one of the sampling methods discussed at the beginning of the course to generate sample data. Please be specific in explaining how you would use what you have learned in class to your benefit.
++++++++Message from Client +++++++++
Hi I want to work with homeless children in Bethlehem Pennsylvania
Can u generate a chart or graph, for a busy specialist office I work at an ENT in New Jersey,we see 200 patients a day with wait time up to 1hr to see a doctor... sometimes patients leave after waiting 40mins.
I hope I explain easy.
Please email with any other questions.


Statistics Project
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Statistics Project
Question 8A
The sale of warm jackets during cold times of the year is higher than during warm times. The two variables (sale of warm jackets in $ and low temperatures in Degree Celsius o) are related. Using the data below, I shall estimate r is the correlation coefficient in this example.




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