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Ruins Of The Natural Environment And Rewilding North America (Essay Sample)


As we face the ever-spreading ruins of the natural environment we can easily conclude that the damage is irreparable. Does Fraser in “Rewilding North America” present an alternative?

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Rewilding North America
Human settlement and creation of their world to inhabit have contributed negatively to nature by constricting it to particular spaces determined by humans. As a result, scientists have raised the alarm on the continuing extinction of numerous species of large animals such as tigers and polar bears to distinct flowers, plants, and insects. All these outcomes are the doing of humans who in a bid to pave roads, build homes and engage in agricultural practices have encroached on these species’ habitats, thereby, pushing them away and restricting their living environment and source of food. According to Caroline Fraser, human beings do not comprehend the essence of a connected nature and with this continued destruction; it would lead to animals and plants disappearing, as well as, food, water, medicine and defense against natural climatic changes. Thus, she provided alternatives to rewilding through cores, corridors, and carnivores.
Cores refer to protected areas that for centuries have been conservation designs. Cores comprise of areas such as national parks, wildlife refuges, forests, grasslands, tundra and savannas among others. According to Fraser’s book, people that coexist with animals tend to be ruthless to animals by taking upon themselves to inhabit these said cores, creating enmity through pushing animals to the limit that consequence in most of them dying. To alleviate this, protection and expansion of animal habitats are necessary. Humans should receive education on the benefits the animals and plants provide to the ecosystem, thereby promoting their survival. Conservation experts can push away human settlements away from the various cores to limit conflict and their encroachment. Moreover, development of corridors that adjoin different small animal habitats to others eliminate enclosed systems such as national parks and islands that restrict animal interactions. In doing so, the settlements become bigger and enhance multiple-species interaction.
Corridors are the lands, patches or stepping-stones that habitats utilize to maintain movement and habitation of animals. According to Fraser, just as humans require highways and numerous road transportation networks to connect with other people, animals also need corridors that connect their various habitats. However, the existence of road networks has altered animal’s life by threatening their patterns of movement through dividing their habitats and opening up their corridors to human activities, scaring them away. Fraser asserts that isolation of animals and division of animal habitats brings about theerosion of biodiversity. Rewilding through the provision of travel ways where animals can freely move between different countries is essential. Moreover, where highways and roads are necessary in the middle of animal habitat...
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