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Writing Assignment About Career: Animal Care Specialist (Research Paper Sample)


Please write about Pet Grooming & Pet Hotel(entrepreneur). And you can use this resource https://www(dot)thebalance(dot)com/how-to-start-a-dog-grooming-business-125489. Also, I will upload the paper's structure and the grading sheet. For the grading sheet, please only look at 2 Points.


Career: Animal Care Specialist
Career: animal care specialist
My career as an Animal care specialist does not come as a surprise, I have always loved animals. I often interact with various animals, training them feeding and keeping their environment clean. Important skills include, being responsible, patience and additional knowledge in animal handling. An animal care specialist needs to have critical knowledge of grooming and training techniques (Davis, 2017).
I have always had a great interest in taking care of animals, being an animal specialist means taking comprehensive care of animal from disease prevention to offering grooming services, training and addressing the general well being of animals especially pets (Kramer, 2017). My career is unique because I will work with other specialists like animal scientist and veterinarians. In addition, many people are willing to spend more on pet grooming services meaning that animal specialist is a career the is growing faster than any other.
The two important skills are patience and responsibility, when training animals to learn new behavour like jumping, or wearing a collar, the process take weeks to months (Davis, 2017). An animal life depends on how we perform our duties. Young animal requires tube feeding that requires concentration. Being responsible is key because animal need to be fed after certain times, this requires someone responsible to take care of them (Davis, 2017).
Other critical skills like grooming and animal training techniques are important , for instance, dog handlers needs to know basic hygiene routine like brushing long hair, trimming nails, cleaning ears and use of clippers (Kramer,2017). Proper grooming is essential in maintaining animal health and helps in the close observation that helps detect any health issues at an early stage. Training technique is equally important because factor like body language can help handlers anticipate behavior changes. One needs to be aware of simple signs like posture, general expression to understand signs of aggression, fear, happiness and distraction (Kramer, 2017).
The main responsibility as a care specialist is to ensure that animals stay healthy , part of the daily routine is feeding, taking temperature , cleaning cages, providing nursing care where necessary (Davis, 2017). All these are similar to taking care of a young baby, which is something I can easily perform. Since childhood, I have always taken care of different animals feeding, bathing and train them to perform simple tasks.
SWOT Analysis
I have strong emotions and good people skills
I am a patient person and have a passion for taking care of animals
I have the confidence it requires to take care of animals
Since animals are unpredictable, I may not have adequate skills to handle wild animals. There are several risks when working with animal something might happen to an animal under my care that might be beyond me.
There are many people keeping...
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