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Asthma Associated Alterations. Factor That May Impact the Pathophysiology of Asthma in Children (Speech Presentation Sample)


Asthma in children Describe Asthma in children, as well as associated alterations. Explain the pathophysiology of the alterations, including changes that occur in at least two body systems. Explain how genetics, gender, ethnicity, age, and behavior might impact the pathophysiology of the Asthma in children, as well as diagnosis and treatment of Asthma in children. Construct a mind map for Asthma in children. Include the epidemiology, pathophysiology of alterations, risk factors, and clinical presentation, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of the Asthma in children. Please use peer review references that are less than 5 years old. Attached is the example of the mind mind Also introduction and reference page


Asthma in Children
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Diseases with allergic symptoms in nature have been identified as the most infamous causes of health complications among children. Allergic disorders in childhood have prevailed in a higher rate with an instance of this depicted in the western countries which record higher prevalence rates of close to 40 percent (Jonsson, Egmar, Hallner, & Kull, 2014). Out of this population, children between the ages of 3 and 8 have been determined as suffering from bronchial asthma for this reason considered as the results of mortality and morbidity rates which have swelled up in the recent past. Irrespective of the medical advances that have been made in an attempt to manage this illness, the prevalence of this allergic disease has continued to immensely grow.
Epidemiological studies have indicated that incidences of asthma and wheeze have relatively increased among children. This therefore, has created the need to conduct studies aimed at determining the causatives of Asthma in children including the associated alterations. The study will also include the explanation of the pathophysiology of these alterations including the changes that are prevalent in two body systems (Jonsson, 2014). An explanation of how genetics, gender, age, ethnicity and behavior impacts the pathophysiology of asthma in children including the approaches in diagnosing the ailment and treatment methods of Asthma in children will also be reviewed.
Asthma in Children and Associated Alterations
Asthma, as determined, is a common disease that has resulted as a common disease of childhood. The symptoms of coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath have been considered as the diseases associated alterations in children (Matsui, 2014). It is, however, essential to determine that the exact causes of asthma are still unestablished, but the pathophysiology of the disease may be related to airwave hyper responsiveness, bronchoconstriction, chronic airway inflammation, and airway remodeling.
It is essential to determine that asthma is an inflammatory disease of the airwaves. The asthmatic alterations are in this case distributed through the respiratory airways (the bronchi, trachea, and bronchioles), with the bronchioles being the most involved (Matsui, 2014). This, therefore, establishes the fact that the inflammations that result from the hyper responsiveness of the airwaves remain the major pathological feature of the types of asthma in children.
The primary changes that are experienced in the body of a child include vascular congestion and the thickening of the air walls. These changes combined with the damages caused to the epithelial cells that result from eosinophil infiltration are capable of producing airway hyperresponsiveness and obstruction (Nordlund, Melén, Schultz, Grönlund, Hedlin, & Kull, 2014). In a case where the changes are not treated, they may result in a long-term airway damage that may turn out to be irreversible.
Factor That May Impact the Pathophysiology of Asthma in Children
It is essential to determine that the progressions of asthma in children can go in different stages. Some children are prone to having the...
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