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Women experiencing depression Health, Medicine Speech Presentation (Speech Presentation Sample)


For this assignment, you are given a real-world scenario as follows:
The Health Commissioner of the state health department wants to commemorate public health nurses at a press conference during Nurses’ Week in May. As one of the nurse consultants at the state office, you have been assigned to develop talking points for the State Health Commissioner’s presentation. The topic you have been assigned is on the history of the role of nursing in the development of public health. There will be other topics discussed and an award given for the public health nurse of the year. She has scheduled 15-20 minutes for this presentation on the history.
Create 5-10 talking points for the presentation but no more than 2 pages. Each talking point should be between 2-4 sentences. Please indicate each talking point with a bullet. Each talking point should include one succinct message. Statistics can be used but must be interesting and easy for a general audience to understand. Below is a sample.
Up to 20% of pregnant women and new mothers experience moderate to severe symptoms of depression. That would mean that in Virginia in 2009, of the 104,979 live births an estimated 20,996 mothers struggled with moderate to severe perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. (VDH, Division of Health Statistics, 2009)
There should be at least 2 APA style cited references cited properly in the talking points and listed at the end noted as references.


Women Experiencing Depression
Institutional Affiliation:
Women Experiencing Depression
Nursing has played an imperative role in the development of public health systems in the past years. The following are critical items registered for future reference.
* Nurses play a role in developing the right sensitization to the public, providing the correct information regarding several aspects of community healthcare. This assists in ensuring the public are aware of the kind of care they expect from the government through healthcare systems. There are significant results achieved by people who depend on them every time they need information about the services offered (Fooladi, 2015).
* Other than education, public health nurses assist in surveillance and study of diseases within concentrated populations (Nigenda, Magaña-Valladares, Cooper, & Ruiz-Larios, 2010). Their understanding of the community they serve accords them the priority to assist with needed studies for mitigation plans. They are mostly the head of research teams to document information form the societies. Sometimes, prevention steps like vaccinations are adopted

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