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Speech Presentation - The World That I Dream Of (Speech Presentation Sample)


This topic is for elementary student and we need to make a speech for 5minutes


The World That I Dream Of
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My name is XYZ (please insert your name here), and today, my topic of the speech is “The World That I Dream Of.” First of all, let me take this opportunity to tell you that I was born and raised in an educated family. Since my childhood, my parents have taught me why it is important to help others and what the role of money in one’s life is. I strongly believe that the process of learning different things begins at home. This is where we are taught the manners of life by our parents, siblings, grandparents and other family members. When I came to this school, I found my teachers to be very cooperative. I am thankful to the principal of the school for providing us with such a wonderful, peaceful, productive and friendly study environment. I remember that in the Montessori, we were taught how to differentiate between different colors, objects, shapes and other things. Since the time I came to this school, I have learned many new things, and with the passage of every single day, I get a chance to explore and learn better and better things.
Today, it may not be possible for me to understand why and when different global issues like unemployment, climate change, lack of education, and unavailability of pure drinking water have arisen. However, I have definitely understood that these are some of the biggest problems, and we should all play our individual roles to solve these problems. The world that I dream of is not something that has these many issues. Instead, I want this world to be a safe, secure and peaceful place to live in.
The first problem that makes me feel bad is unemployment. I have seen many of my friends leaving school because of financial problems. One of them once told me that his father had lost his job and that he was unable to support his children’s education, which is why my friend was forced to say goodbye to this school. I still miss him and want him to come back to school as soon as possible. Though I am a child, I am able to understand what it means to be a jobless person. It clearly means that one would have no money to pay the tuition of their children, and this is going to leave a bad impact on the whole family. The world that I dream of is where jobs are made available to everyone. I can imagine how difficult our life would become if my own father loses his job. Thankfully, there is nothing like this but I can feel the pain of those friends whose fathers lost their jobs and they had to leave school due to financial issues. I request the government to take action in this regard; they should provide every educated and uneducated person with a good and stable source of income. Ideally, jobs should be given to people based on their qualifications, skills, and experience. My friend’s father is good at writing web content, so I think that he should be provided with a well-paying job at a software house. I want to see them happy, and this problem of a lack of funds has made their survival imp

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