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Brand Research Proposal: Commercial of Target’s product from Target Corp (Gillette) (Research Proposal Sample)


Assignment: You will conduct some cursory research into a topic (brand/company/product) of your choosing. You will then construct a formal proposal for the Unit 2 research project in which you outline your topic (both generally and your specific area of interest/avenue of inquiry), provide a question or hypothesis to guide your future research into the subject area and include some cursory research into your topic with at least 4 sources pertaining to your brand.
Length Requirements: A minimum of 5 FULL pages, plus a Works Cited page.
Source Requirements: You are required to do some preliminary research into your topic to begin formulating a research question or hypothesis to guide the rest of your research during Unit 2. You must include 1 Primary Source (locate, describe, and analyze 1 print advertisement, commercial or billboard from your chosen brand. For unconventional brands, this may be album art, song lyrics, Twitter/Instagram/Facebook posts, etc. Choose a source that you feel exemplifies the BRAND or IMAGE of your chosen topic), 2 Secondary Sources (a. an article about the company/brand itself and how it "advertises" to the public such as advertising strategy, the intended or actual brand image, etc. b. a scholarly article about branding or marketing persuasion in general. Use the databases to locate 1 article that discussing branding, celebrity endorsement, the Aristotelian Appeals, product placement, effects of modern media on societal values, trends, etc.), and 1 additional source about history and/or image of your brand.
Your goal in this assignment is to find a basis for future research into your brand/topic. Based on the combination of these sources, what you can infer about the branding or advertising strategy of your brand? What image is the brand attempting to portray to the public and what strategies dot hey use to do so? What connection does that image have to societal trends, values, beliefs, controversies, etc.? Does the company's advertising reflect or impact society in any way? Formulate a research inquiry or hypothesis based on these questions to help guide your Unit 2 Research.**
Please looked at the attached files for selecting a brand for this research proposal***
Please select a brand as soon as possible and message it to me so I can have some parts prepared. Thanks in advance.


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Brand Research Proposal
Target Corporation is among the largest fashion retailers globally. It is engaged in the operation of merchandise discount (Kozloff and Gordon 13). This paper provides a preliminary research into this firm, the chosen brand/company, which would result in the formulation of a research question which would guide the actual research. This preliminary research includes one primary source, two secondary sources, one article that talks about marketing, and one source regarding Target Corporation’s history.
The primary source selected is a commercial advert.
Figure 1: Commercial of Target’s product from Target Corp (Gillette)

This is the commercial for Target’s apparel products. The commercial features a man, a woman, and a child showcasing trendy attire from Target for the whole family. The commercial has an attractive layout, it is eye-catching, and the colors and items used are appropriate with the theme (Gillette). This commercial is designed to increase consumer awareness regarding Target’s clothing products, draw customers to Target stores, create a desire for Target’s apparel products, convince consumers that Target’s apparel products are right for their needs, and enhance Target’s corporate image.
In her article, Pasquarelli (1) pointed out that Target Corporation advertises its products across a wide range of advertising media. It uses creative advertisements aimed at acquiring new customers and encouraging its existing customers to continue buying products from Target stores. Its advertising strategy focuses on the use of various advertising channels which include digital and social media advertising, outdoor advertising, print media, television, radio advertising, in addition to online advertising on its official website to conduct aggressive advertising campaigns. Media broadcast, Internet adverts, and newspaper circulars make up most of Target’s advertising costs (Pasquarelli 1). It also uses point-of-sale marketing, loyalty points, as well as in-store activations.
The other key to the strategy adopted by Target Corporation is the company’s proprietary debit cards and credit cards that encourage consumer loyalty and drive sales. It is of note that this scheme has been highly successful given that sales paid using these cards have risen immensely from six percent in 2010 to 24 percent in the year 2017. The company was able to shrug off reputational losses following a notable breach of data that took place in 2013 and continued growing. This advertising strategy seeks to expand Target’s consumer base and spur sales of the company’s product portfolio. Furthermore, Target advertises its products through the use of sponsorship advertising, which is basically a sort of advertising in which an organization pays to be associated with a given event. The firm has sponsored Minnesota United FC, which is part of Major League Soccer. Target also sponsors the National Basketball Association (NBA) basketball team Minnesota Timberwolves over and above Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan and Minnesota Children’s Museum sponsorships, and IndyCar and NASCAR racing car sponsorships (Pasquarelli 2). In its advertising strategy, Target Corporation uses creative catchphrases and slogans such as Expect More Pay Less and Low Price Promise.
With its advertising

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