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Professional identity and professionalism in prison education: are prison educators’ perceptions of their professional identity influenced by the policies and politics of the penal system? (Research Proposal Sample)


he proposal identified an interesting area for research however, there is very little
consideration of how the research will be carried and a number of sections which are
either direct quotes or work which has been copied from unattributed sources or sources
that are incorrectly referenced or not referenced at all. (see highlighted text in the
attached file). There are also some sections which have been copied from unsuitable
sources. There are no references to research theory or practice to support the choice of a
qualitative approach or the use of semi-structured interviews ( this is copied from the
source I have attached). The word count is low and some sections should have been
shorter this would then have given enough words to address the theoretical and practical
aspects of the proposed research. As it stands I cannot award this work a pass mark.
Points for development -Make an appointment to speak to your AST as soon as possible
to discuss this feedback - get a copy of the University's referencing guidelines (available
from the library website) and follow them ensuring that you know how and when to
reference and how to cite sources accurately - read some research texts books e.g.
Bryman and Cohen et al. to gain an understanding of research theory and practice.


Professional identity and professionalism in prison education: are prison educators’ perceptions of their professional identity influenced by the policies and politics of the penal system? 


Research Proposal
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
The purpose of this research will be an investigation into the benefits of technological advancements in Saudi Arabia’s education. The study is rooted in whether the Saudis gain by advancing their educational systems through technological lenses. The research will be guided with the multiple intelligence theoretical framework. The framework defines the scope and influence that technology can have on any educational system. The participants will be chosen systematically with stakeholders in education in Saudi Arabia’s Al Ula remote areas accorded the necessary priorities. As a professional in education, my knowledge will be necessary for enhancing the quality of outcomes in this study without any biases.
Research Proposal
Benefits of technology involvements in education: Does technology play a decisive part in education in Saudi Arabia to enhance the educational process, especially in the schools of the remote areas?
Technology is fast becoming a valuable component of almost every industry in the world bearing the transformation by which it is characterized. Organizations and institutions rely on technology to enhance their productivity and efficiency. Technology has also been considered as an important component in innovation. Partly, it is for such reasons that most people have considered technological growth as viable for all industries. One of the industries that are beginning to adopt technological growth is education. To some people, education has grown to a point where it needs technological inputs. That has raised questions about the validity of technology in education for countries that are just beginning to adopt changes such as Saudi Arabia. The biggest issue that modern education faces are the need to expand its scope. Knowledge, through education, should reach more learners with higher efficiency and low costs. Technology offers the best avenue of reaching the objectives. 

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