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Adoption of Work Load Analysis by Human resource department of Jeddah Municipality (Research Proposal Sample)

CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Overview This study concerns the use of the well known tool or method in Human Resources Management (HRM) known as Work Load Analysis (WLA) with particular reference to its potential/actual application at the subject body, Jeddah Municipality. Work Load Analysis is defined for people simply as the amount of work, or working time, expected or assigned. Otherwise, it can be defined for machines as the amount or percentage of work that is performed or is capable of being performed. Work Load Analysis which is included in Man Power Planning (MPP) is considered an important tool or method in Human Resource Management because it measures the productivity and the efficiency of the person or machine in the organisation or factory, and organises the loading of either or both of them in the optimal way. This knowledge is adequate in relation to understanding the load and distribution of work to enable the organisation to be successful. "The workload analysis also determines the 'proper mix' or 'types' of procedure … needed to meet specific categories of workloads within the department" (Carota, 2002). Human Resource Management is a term for a function within an organisation which encompasses job description, recruitment, organisation structure, work load analysis, training, man power planning, development of the organisation's culture and environment and various other different tools and terms. It aims to improve the relationship between employees and their companies or organisations."Human resource management is a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic development of a highly committed and capable workforce, using an integrated array of cultural, structural and personnel techniques". (Storey, 2001) In addition, this study applies the work load analysis concept in one of the famous organisations in Saudi Arabia which is Jeddah Municipality by the human resource management department. This concept will enable us to know strength and weakness points in the personnel management department which is one of the HRM departments and let us know how we can distribute the man power by the right way. 1.2 Aim and Objectives The ultimate aim of this study is to establish the effectiveness of WLA, and to outline potential improvements to the productivity of the personnel management department of the subject organisation (Jeddah Municipality), with a particular emphasis on the optimisation of man power planning. In order to achieve this aim both questionnaires and interviews with employees of Jeddah Municipality's personnel management department were undertaken. Within this aim the following objectives were identified: - Establishing the concept of Human Resource Management currently in use within the organisation. - Establishing the concept of Work Load Analysis currently in use within the organisation. - Improve and rationalize the organisation's use of manpower through the identification of deficits and surpluses in the labour force. - Inform the department of Human Resources Management whenever there is any changes in organizational structures in order to keep the data up to date. - Identify the actual quality and quantity needs in Man Power Planning in both the short term and long-term. 1.3 Methodology The study is primarily an analytical discussion based on primary and secondary research and inquiry. It includes a review of the literature on human resource management, work load analysis, and the relevant journals using various electronic databases and library resources. The primary data has been collected through interviews with employees working in the organisation (Jeddah Municipality). Chapter (1) of this study introduces an overview of the project in general and describes briefly the research question, aim and objectives, methodology, scope and limitations, and the expected results. In Chapter (2) it contains a literature review of human resource management, work load analysis, and the relevant journals. Chapter (3) gives an overview of the subject organisation (Jeddah Municipality). A case study with data analysis and results is given in chapter (4); and finally the conclusion and recommendations are stated in chapter (5). There are two main types of collected data; Primary data which can be collected by survey or interview: and Secondary data which is data that already exists in documented sources and which can be collated from articles and reports to help the researcher to round out the primary data and provide strong supporting information for the project's conclusions. Yin (1994) has identified six data collection methods in primary data for case study research "including interviews, direct observations, physical artefacts, participant observation, documents and archival records." In this research interviews and direct observations have been used, as they are the most relevant to this type of case study research. The main research questions intended to be answered in this study are: What is the actual load number of the employees in the organisation, and what would the optimal figure be? What are the recommendations could be made to improve the effectiveness of the personnel management department? The questionnaire and interviews were filled by me with an observer/observers in conjunction with the municipality's employees throughout the working day. Thirty five employees in the personnel management department were interviewed which represents more than the half of the department. The overall aim of the research questions is to enable the study to comprehensively show how, by applying work loading analysis methodologies, fatigue in the personnel management department may be reduced through either increasing or even decreasing (through optimised work loading) the number of employees within the department. Thus, by then reorganising and reengineering the department correctly as a whole to make the personnel management department more productive as a unit within the Human Resources Department. 1.4 Limitations This study relied heavily on human resource management which is a widely accepted concept that is used in the majority of modern organisations and companies. Work load analysis as a concept is one of the human resources tools which is used to redistribute the manpower of organisations to increase work efficiency. This tool or concept is applied in Jeddah Municipality which is a government company providing the municipal local government services for Jeddah city and its citizens. 1.5 Expected Results After finishing this study it is expected that the results will yield important information leading to some significant suggestions, namely: - Redistribution of manpower in the Personnel Management Department in order to achieve the organizations strategic goals. - Recommendations for resolving difficulties faced by the management. source..

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(3rd May, 2011)
Research Proposal
The research revolves around adoption of Work Load Analysis by Human resource department of Jeddah Municipality. WLA have been thought of as the amount of work, time engaged in working or expected outcomes from a given task. WLA help in measuring productivity as well as efficiency of employees or any machine. It has been thought that the information about work loads is necessary in determining how work is to be distributed. This is essential in dictating the success of an organization since it helps in establishing how HR will be in a position to blend various procedures.
As suggested by Armstrong, 2006 HR refers to a department that purely deals with handling employee issues such as recruitment, describing jobs, planning man power among other related issues. The major aim of HR department is to ensure that the relationship between employees and the employer is mutual which ultimately ensures that the main goals and objectives are attained successfully. Additionally the research will seek to establish the strength and weakness of WLA. On the same note recommendation will b developed to address the weaknesses (Roethlisberger & Dickson, 2003).
Aim and objectives
The main objective guiding the study is finding out how effective WLA is. With his the study will also aim at establishing the possible improvements towards personnel management department of Jeddah Municipality. The specific objectives are;
To find out the present Human Resource Management being used by Jeddah Municipality
To establish the concept of WLA being used by the organization
To establish actu...
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