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Specific Literature Review Paper: Extinction of Emotion (Research Proposal Sample)


This paper will take the form of a research proposal including a more specific literature review leading to a detailed description of a proposed experiment designed to test that theoretical position. (Note - this is only a proposal for a research project, which will not actually be carried out, due to time constraints and the requirement that all research be pre-approved by the Saint Leo Institutional Review Board). 
Final Experiment Proposal : Students will submit a completed experiment proposal using APA style. Proposals will include an Abstract, Literature Review, Methods, Expected Outcomes, and Discussion of Relevance. More specific instructions will be distributed and discussed in class.
Topic Question: Is it possible to unlearn the basic emotions to a point where you would have an Extinction of Emotion. Basically could a normal individual be turned into an individual who more resembles a psychopath or sociopath.


Basic Emotions
Human emotions are quite complex but they can be simplified into seven basic emotions, that is, fear, anger, sadness, contempt, disgust as well as surprise. These are all expressed differently relative to the stimuli received in the environment. One of the most researched element about basic human emotions is whether they are genetic or nurtured within the social environment. There are indications that some of the emotions are derived from genetics while others are acquired. However, there is also a third element associated with the genetic aspects interacting with the environment. The element of unlearning the basic emotions is associated with the developmental challenges faced by the individuals. Emotions that are suppressed tend to be overcompensated through malfunctioned adaptive mechanisms. The research will be conducted through evaluation of quality research material along with books on the topic to build on the argument. It is expected that most of the results will be largely associated with developmental elements of the persons, with reference to unlearning their basic emotions. In light of the fact that there have been quite a number of mass shooting where the perpetrators are victims of bullying, there is need to understand the underlying cause. Much of the emphasis has been laid on the bullies in the past, however not much is given to the victims who suffer silently and eventually develop antisocial tendencies and eventually become dangerous and suicidal.
Human Emotions
At the core of every human being are the basic emotions that we exhibit. When one interacts with their immediate environment, there are elements of the stimuli that they interact with which determines how they react (MacNeill, 2009). When one interacts with certain stimuli in their environment, they tend to react in a given way. The element of human emotions is widely studied and one that has elicited a myriad of research and theories. This is in light of the fact that, is one of the most interesting elements of the human beings (Black, 2016). The fact that they are able to exhibit different set of emotions. Sometime the emotions are straight forwards and easily understood from the basic precepts of what is seen in nature. In some of the cases, humans are going to be quite complicated. The element of emotions is thus one that is filled with intrigue and awe, relative to the differentiation and the applications along with expression. There are an average of seven emotions that are associated with humans and they are expressed through different scenarios. The emotions include fear, anger, sadness, contempt, disgust as well as surprise. These are emotions that are largely associated with the different stimuli that humans interact with in their environment (, 2016).
Thesis statement: It is possible to unlearn the basic emotions to a point where you would have an Extinction of Emotion.
Literature Review
Basic Emotions Characterized
There are quite some basic characteristics that are associated with anger. One of the basic elements of the basic emotions is the fact that they tend to be universal. When one is angry there some of the characterized facial cues that one can use understand those around them when angry. In most cases, when one is angry, they are going to pull down their eyebrows, the upper lips tends to pull up and it is also common for the lower lip to be pulled up (Borges, 2013). The margin of the lips which is the part on the either side of the mouth tends to roll in as the lips on the upper side and the lower side tighten upwards and tighten on the face. This is the basic way of reaction when one is angered or simply irritated by someone or something (, 2016).
The other emotion that is quite basic is fear. This is an emo...
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