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Electric Cars are a Sustainable Solution to air Pollution in the Road Transport System Associated with Internal Combustion Engines (Research Proposal Sample)


The purpose of this assignment is to see writing as it is—an important means of communication. To accomplish this, analyze the topic more fully by carefully considering the rhetorical situation with the understanding that a primary challenge in a research paper is to communicate the purpose clearly to the reader.
Place the thesis statement (or a revised version) from last week’s assignment at the top of the page. Then answer the questions below. Copy the questions to the assignment. Each question is to be followed by a one to two paragraph answer. The purpose of this assignment is to help direct research and organize thinking on the topic.
1. What is the goal of this paper? [Passing the course is not the goal here.]
2. What is personally known about the topic?
3. What do potential readers already know?
4. What do readers need to know to understand the main point?
5. What information is needed to research and include in the paper?
Begin by explaining the purpose. The thesis statement is a good place to start, but going a bit further is needed. Consider the “audience take-away”—what should the readers know, feel, and believe when they finish reading the paper? A clear understanding of purpose will help decide what information to include and how to organize it.
Next, consider the audience. In this case, the audience consists of classmates. Consider how much they know about the topic and what they need to know to understand the purpose. Are explanations of complex terminology needed? Will graphs help? If the topic is a controversial one, think about the best way to present it to the audience. For example, think about tone and word choice.


Analysis of Rhetorical Situation
Institutional Affiliation:
Analysis of Rhetorical Situation: Electric cars are a sustainable solution to air pollution in the road transport system associated with internal combustion engines.
What Is the Goal of the Paper?
The text’s purpose is to provide a possible solution to the challenge of air pollution that is caused by the burning up of fuel in the vehicle engines. The transport system is critical to the movement of services and goods from one place to another. For this reason, it is crucial to develop an alternative that would perform this role, but also conserving the environment and preventing health issues.
The paper proposes electric cars that would use electricity as the source of power as a replacement to the existing vehicles that use various kinds of fuels that are not clean. Høyer (2008), explains that hybrid and electric vehicles present the best solution to the current challenges car air pollution.
What Is Personally Known About the Topic?
Road transportation is the leading contributor to the air pollution in cities across the world. There are many health and environmental problems that have arisen from the air pollutants that are emitted by the vehicles during the fuel combustion process.
The release of gases such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere has adverse effects on the environment and is a cause of global warming. Also, the inhalation of the polluted air by humans leads to respiratory challenges that can be fatal and hence the reduction of the life span of humans.
What Do Potential Readers Already Know?
The audience of the paper has the understanding that the pollutants that transport systems emit have some effects on both human health and the environment. There have been many studies that highlight the dangers of the...
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