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Electrical Signature Analysis of Electrical Rotating Machines Patent (Research Paper Sample)


For the patent assigned to you
1. in a table specify the structure of the claims. Independent claims will be in the leftmost column (there will typically be two or three - i.e. not many), the next column will contain claims directly dependent on the independent claim, the next column any claims dependent on the claim in the second column, and so on. There may be only two columns in the table. Simply specify the claim numbers in the table. Be sure to use the claim number and not any paragraph numbering. E.g. (table and original copy of requirements are attached in files)
2. describe the prior art, i.e. the current state of the technology and its deficiencies that the patent proposes to improve upon
3. for two of the independent claims describe in your own words what is being claimed, clearly explaining the difference between the claims
4. for each independent claim from 3 choose one dependent claim and describe clearly how it specialises/narrows the claim.
In your writing do not use the “jargon” typical of patents, namely words such as “plurality” for example. You must describe/explain in plain, normal English. In part 3 you’ll likely need to clearly explain the difference between a system and a method. You may wish to cite references in describing prior art (part 2).
Patents: You must use only the Canadian patent database; do not use Google patents or the US patent. I suggest you download selected documents - abstract, claims, description and drawings - in a zip file.
1. Canada patent database:
3. Patent claims explained :
Specification :
1. cite sources using the IEEE style
2. references likely required, for example, in explaining prior art
How to avoid plagiarism or low marks:
When you "write" by rearranging sentences and phrases you've copied from somewhere TurnItIn usually identifies it. The similarity index may be quite low but result from whole passages rearranged in some way like this - this is a problem.
A high similarity index that results from the accumulation of a few percent from many different sources is usually not a problem.
Writing in your own words means you have understood what you've read because you can express it from your own mind. Take very brief notes as you read something (keywords to trigger what you've understood) and then write your paper from those notes - cite the reference and you will always avoid plagiarism.


Electrical Signature Analysis of Electrical Rotating Machines Patent
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Claims Dependency/Structure
The patent contains a total of 20 claims. The following table shows how the claims are classified.
Independent ClaimsDependent Claims 1Dependent Claims 2121511316204561778101312141819The Current State of Technology and its Deficiencies
Monitoring components in such industrial power systems as electrical substations and plants is a crucial aspect of ensuring that industrial power systems operate continuously and minimize hitches. Such components as motors, transformers, generators, feeders, and circuit breakers normally run continuously for long durations [1]. Monitoring helps in detecting events related to how the components operate and predict issues related to the condition and health of the components. Once issues have been detected, a root cause and diagnosis are reported to the user so that the appropriate measures can be taken to resolve or minimize the issue. Monitoring of frequently used components helps in improving the health of the components, thus improving their efficiency and reliability, production capacity, and avoiding increased costs of maintenance. Therefore, there is a need for effective monitoring systems to ensure that detection of potential issues in components is done early enough to allow time for repairs and effective maintenance.

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