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Security in cloud computing Masters Paper (Research Paper Sample)

The paper should offer an in-depth exploration of a focused research topic on (1) cloud computing; and (2) the use of game theory and economic markets in the analysis of large-scale system behaviour. The paper serves as a tool to help you digest a number of papers in a relatively short period of time, and to think independently. The main goal is that the paper should involve some creative exploration of a topic at hand. While the paper should certainly contain citations, it should not just be a literature review that summarizes the contents of other prior work; the paper should contain some novel discussion or analysis of the topic. What constitutes "novel discussion or analysis?" It can mean any of a number of things: it can be mainly qualitative or mainly quantitative, depending on your interests and background; it could be an analysis that shows how our understanding of some real-world problem benefits from the ideas introduced in the literature related to this topic; it could be a discussion that relates ideas from a range of papers in a non-obvious way; it could involve a critique and generalization of mathematical models in existing papers in the literature, potentially with some mathematical analysis or a discussion of the applicability of the model. In the first deliverable, called the "midterm paper draft," you are asked to write at least 4 pages, using the format required below. This draft does not have to be thorough, but it does need to show progress towards the ultimate possibility of finishing a complete and high-quality course paper at the end of the course. The second (and final) deliverable, called the "final course paper," represents a high-quality paper that can potentially be published in academic venues (perhaps as a book chapter, tutorial paper, or survey paper). It demonstrates your in-depth understanding and knowledge in a narrowly-focused research topic, developed over the course of the term by reading related academic literature. There are no upper limits with respect to the number of pages you can use, feel free to write as much as you wish. The final paper does need to be at least 8 pages in length. You are required to strictly follow the formatting requirements described later in this course syllabus. The worst way to write a paper is to present summaries of existing work in the area in question. Though your paper may not include any of your original research contributions, it should still be original, in the sense that it should not be just a categorical listing and summaries of existing work, it should reflect your critical and creative thinking. When a capable reader takes the time to read your paper, he/she should be able to learn something beyond existing papers. For example, you may provide insights on how existing work are linked and are similar with each other, or how they are different from each other. Do they use seemingly identical but subtly different assumptions or system models? It takes time to sit back and think about these papers, before you can start writing about them. With respect to formatting, it is required that you use LaTeX (it is available as free downloadable tools regardless of your operating system of choice), as well as the IEEE Transactions LaTeX template (version 1.7a, released March 5, 2007). You are also required to use the IEEE Transactions BibTeX style for bibliography and citations (version 1.12, released January 11, 2007). Both are downloadable from the maintainer's web site, and from numerous other sites on the Web (such as CTAN mirrors). Do not change the default parameter settings of these templates. Use 11 point font, and two columns per page. This implies that you should start your LaTeX source file with the line: \documentclass[11pt,twocolumn]{IEEEtran} source..
Security in cloud computing (Submitted on 5th March 2012)
Author……………………………………….Member, IEEE
Abstract- The generation of information technology has brought with it various applications, that coordinate with the different IT requirements in the modern word. One such application is cloud computing. However, with the wide application of this system component, the underlying issue of security and threats exposed by the same becomes virtually critical. This paper will thus explore the subject matter of security in cloud computing by expounding on the key critical issues that are addressed by the same
Cloud computing can be defined as a platform for providing IT services, for both businesses and individuals, over the internet. These services are therefore outsourced from a third party and this presents a high risk security concern. Much of the control is in the hands of the service provider and the clients must understand how their service providers handle the issues of security (Prattipati, 2010). The security concerns apply to data, the applications, and the infrastructure that is used in cloud computing and these security concerns affect both the service providers and the clients. Below is an examination of the main concerns of cloud computing security.
2. Data security
The security of data is the most crucial aspect of cloud computing, since this is the backbone of the clients. This mainly involves the way data is stored and retrieved, and issues involved when data breaches occur (Smith, 2009). Data security therefore involves both data transfer and security of data stored on the servers. For data in transit, clients are concerned with the security of the channel on which the data is being transferred and the protection of data from the internet traffic. For stored data, the protection of data that is being used within an application and the secure disposal of data when it’s not needed are the main concerns (Maitner, 2011). This means that service providers must ensure that all sensitive data must be securely stored on the servers. In addition, data separation is also a major concern, which is simply the creation of virtual containers for each client. The security of data is therefore normally compromised when there is unauthorized access to a client’s container (Skiba, 2011).
3. User identity
Clients must ensure that all users who access data and other applications are authorized and any unauthorized access is blocked off. This is because cloud computing environment allows for a diverse group of users and hence such controls are critical to both the service provider and the clients (Werbach, 2011). In addition, some of the service provider’s staff has privileged access to this information and hence the service providers need to put measures in place that will ensure such groups are monitored. The monitoring should be both physical monitoring and background checking of the activities of these privileged individuals. The sensitivity of data allowed to the cloud, and the nature of people of access such data and their level of access become very critical considerations for the clients (Yoo, 2010).
4. Network and server concerns
Due to the shared nature of cloud computing, it is important for users to ensure that the tenant domains are well isolated and there is no leakage of data or information from one given domain to the other. The clients need the service providers to provide intrusion detection and prevention systems to be put in the cloud computing environment (Klippel, Weaver, & Robinson, 2011). The internet security risk also includes the possibility of a client’s domain being misused to mount attacks on other parties.
5. Security of applications
The security of applications mainly involves the measures that have been put in place...
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