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Should Abortion Be Legal? Every Woman Has A Right To Abortion (Research Paper Sample)


Hi! Please develop the arguments on “Abortion should be legal”. You should have 3 argument points and a counter argument. Also, Please be aware that you would have to stay away from morality and using a party’s platform stance (democratics party) as your argument. You are highly suggested to use the bill of rights and right to privacy (4 th Amendment) as one of your arguments. The attached documents is the rubric.Thank you!


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Should abortion be legal? Every woman has a right to abortion
The 1989 decision by the highest Court in the US in Webster v. Reproductive Health Services made abortion a central issue of disagreement in the United States. In the past years, more than half a million Americans have held demonstrations and rallies to assert their strong opinions against or for abortion on religious, moral, ethical and political grounds. Amnesty International describes abortion as a procedure that intentionally terminates a pregnancy, which is a health necessity for millions of women and girls all over the world (Amnesty International). Within the last sixty years, over thirty nations have changed their regulations to ensure women receive safe abortion services. In the United States, abortion has been legal since 1973, following the Roe v. Wade ruling by the Supreme Court. The verdict has seen an estimated thirty-seven out of every one thousand pregnancies end in abortion (Amnesty International). Some countries, in the world, still uphold punitive laws that criminalize abortion. While outlawing abortion may seem like an ethical decision for these countries, according to World Health Organization (WHO) these laws push women to seek out unsafe abortions, which results in over twenty-two million unsafe abortions every year and severe health risks for women. Abortion should be legal as every woman has the liberty to decide what to do with her body, abortion is vital for different medical reasons, and it brings about positive social effects.
Every woman has a right to abortion
The primary reason abortion should be legal is that every female has the liberty to choose what to do with their body. The government has a right to protect the lives of all its citizens including a fetus that has not been born yet. However, the same constitution gives women the liberty to do whatever they want with their bodies including termination of a pregnancy. According to the Center for Reproductive Rights, the Roe v. Wade ruling of 1973 recognizes that abortion is essential liberty that every woman should enjoy as enshrined in the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution (“Constitutional protection” 1). The amendment states that every individual should enjoy equal protection under the law. With the Supreme Court ruling permitting abortion, every woman can make personal decisions about family and getting children without any interference.
The constitution also considers a woman’s liberty to terminate a pregnancy in the 4th Amendment. According to the Bills of Right, every person has the liberty to be secure in their surroundings, and this law extends the right to privacy to a person’s reproductive health (“Bill of Rights”). Therefore, a woman can choose to procure an abortion without the government or anyone else interfering in this matter or concerning the decision to bear or not to get a child as it is part of their privacy. Further, the Constitution believes that every woman should enjoy constitutional values of dignity, autonomy, equality, and integrity of one’s body. According to the 13th Amendment, no individual should suffer servitude of any kind, not unless it is a punishment for a crime (“Constitutional protection” 1). Thus, for women to effectively participate in building the economy of the country, they have to be in control of their reproductive lives, define their existence and have control over what happens in their bodies. Having the right to control their reproduction helps them meet this goal.
Abortion should be legal for medical reasons.
The legalization of abortion prevents women and girls from grave threats to their health a...

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