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Analyzing A Source: Should Everyone Be Legally Armed? (Research Paper Sample)


Should everyone be Legally Armed?Since time immemorial, the issue of gun ownership has been contentious, and liberals and conservatives never seem to agree on the way forward. In 1791, when the Second Amendment in the United States constitution was sanctioned, it was agreed that civilians should indeed own guns. The amendment read, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” This amendment led to the commencement of a long and seemingly endless debate on the issue of gun-control in the US. Some people believe they are protected by the law and should, therefore, be allowed to own guns. Conversely, others believe that while people should be allowed to own gun, there should be more laws that make the process harder. As per the latter lot, by making the process harder, the country will able to reduce the number of firearms which are in the wrong hands. However, the former lots believe that the country will become insecure if that happens because fewer people will be able to defend themselves. By seeking to understand the views of each side, this article will present a comprehensive and informative analysis of the issue of guns and whether everyone should be allowed to own a gun.


Analyzing a Source
Authors express their views differently and to diverse audience. The direction and objectives of their work is influenced by their knowledge in the subject, personal bias, environmental factors and the strategies used to capture the attention of the reader. Thus, the dependability of their works must be analyzed contextually. Authors tap into the knowledge gap of their readers to influence their perspective, thoughts and action on the subject since they are insufficiently informed. Thus, in analyzing any article, all these elements must be considered to establish the authority it has on a particular subject and how it is convenient in using it as a source to your academic work. Thus, it is important to analyze the perspective of the author and the objectives he/she aims to achieve for every article or establish the integrity of the article.
Good article
The article The Science of Guns Proves Arming Untrained Citizens Is a Bad Idea authored by Michael Shermer is a good source to consider on the gun ownership debate. The author analyzes and explores some publicly available statistics by reputable organizations on gun ownership and its contribution to violence especially at home. He ties these statistics to his argument that gun ownership contributes to loss of more innocent civilian lives. Additionally, he argues that any firearm in the hands of any untrained person is more likely to cause harm than guns held by licensed individuals. He asserts that the rhetoric held by many especially pro-gun ownership that it is for self-defense is false. On the contrary, it is more likely to be used in homicide. Using statistics from secondary sources, the author reaffirms that disarming untrained citizens reduces significantly the risk of losing innocent lives to licensed gun owners. He pegs his argument on the statistics he compiles from various sources and asserts that they are key in clarifying the gun ownership debate to pave way for better legislations that can significantly reduce gun violence in America.
The authority of the article content is derived from the sources the author uses to compile the article. He has extensively researched on gun ownership related crimes and contextually analyzed them in relation to pro-gun ownership. The sources included in the article are authoritative and some peer reviewed. They are from independent researchers conducted by independent bodies wishing to shine a light on the gun ownership debate. The information used as sources materials for the article is factual and form a strong basis for an argument. The inclusion of statistics in the article is meant to influence the readers to push for reforms in the existing laws on gun ownership.
The author uses rhetorical strategies to propagate his message. He carefully packages his information t

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