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Experience in Shaping People's Values Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Topic center is "experience shape people‘s value", write based on racism. Need to mention about "how does thick concepts work on racism", you must use the sources that I provided, and the rest you could find on your own.


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Experience in Shaping People's Values
According toAcosta, the use of evaluative terms and concepts are in several instances divided into thin and thick. In this regard, actions are not only evaluated on the basis of individuals good or bad, right or wrong but the consideration of values such as courage and tactfulness as well as ethos such as selfishness, cruelty and boorish (n.p). Several schools of thoughts allege that experiences shape the persons we are and that memories of these experiences are significant. However, to some scholars, the core identity of an individual remains unchanging since this is the very proof of the existence of an individual. It is therefore essential to concede that our life experiences are based on our own choices. In other words, human beings are bound to adapt to values based on their parents and the dominant values within the society. This paper therefore seeks to discourse on experience as an aspect that shapes the values of a people and the manner in which these concepts work on vices such as racism.
Experience in Shaping People's Values
The values that people are bound to absorb during their childhood remains with them through their adulthood in as much as some reject such values (Pekka n.p). This therefore brings us to the understanding that life experiences have the capacity to instill values that may additionally initiate a life process that carries people down on paths that are based on choices which results in the acquisition of knowledge on other matters. Currently, experiences have taken a toll in impacting who individuals are in the society. Experiences have shaped values in several individuals who abhorred racism within the American society. The element of anti-black racism in the United States saw the black lives undergo through tribulations that saw them as a fraction of human life. This prevailing approach of valuing lives were primarily influenced by the decay of morals that prevailed in the de-valuing of lives, thus influencing a segment of individuals to believe that some lives mattered more than others. The United States of America remains a multicultural nation in which all races and cultures are represented.
Considered as a nation with several immigrants, the nation has faced a considerable amount of challenges in relation to racial issues from the times of the Civil Rights Movements to date (George et al n.p).
In this case, discrimination and racism remain some of the societal challenges that Americans deal with daily. Racism is therefore a doctrine or belief that bases its focus on the inherent differences among diverse human races as determined by an individual's culture or achievement, an aspect that usually involves the idea that a given race is more superior to the other and has the right to rule the others. This trend has been in existence for a long period alth

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