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Research On Whether Being A Celebrity Is A Sacrifice Of Privacy (Research Paper Sample)


This research paper will be researching, whether being a celebrity is a sacrifice of privacy.
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Research on whether being a celebrity is a sacrifice of privacy
In the digital age, the celebrities grapple with maintaining privacy and at times dignity while seeking to connect with the audience. Celebrities do become accustomed to being adorned ands exchange the right of anonymity with fame, while they also tend to feel exposed with few places where they can experience privacy (Rockwell and. Giles 186). While fans have adored celebrities throughout various generations the advent of the internet and popularity of some tabloid publications, has meant that the private life of celebrities is scrutinized more than ever before. Public fascination with the lives of celebrities has meant that they have had to sacrifice privacy.
People get information on the lives of celebrities from their fashion ware to more private aspects of their lives including the parenting styles and love lives. This is mostly in the Western culture where even the celebrities seek publicity through traditional and online media platforms. At other times, there are various paparazzi following them around. Even for celebrities who are more private and do not like the limelight, there are cases where the details of their personal details are leaked to the media (Gay). For the gossip magazines getting details on the lives of the celebrities’ means that some personal details are in the public as there are intrusions of privacy.
The growing popularity of social media provides through which the celebrities can connect more easily with the

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