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Policing In The Future, Consequences Of Policy Privatization (Research Paper Sample)


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Policies are important to have in our lives. Fromm one civilization to another, policies alongside rules have been the major tools that have been implemented to keep societies in check. Without such rules or policies there would be chaos which would lead to disorder in different societies. Policing in different communities has been successful through the collaboration between the law enforcement agencies such as the police and the community as well (Community Policing Consortium). When only one side is involved, the implementation of the policies fails and this becomes trouble for both the members of the community and the police as well since both of them would have come short in the fulfillment of their responsibility in keeping the policies. Different emerging issues in the society have been the driving factors for the need of changing policies. Most communities require change to handle the different sets of generations accommodated in their surroundings. The maintenance of order and peace is also an important role of the policies implemented in a society. This paper examines how the changing of policies have influenced some communities and their aspects as well.

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