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Comepre And Contrast Auguse Horch And Gabrielle Chanel (Research Paper Sample)


I already wrote rough draft, please add it to 3 page. The paper breaks the information into the whole to whole or point to point structure. Use amount of Quotations and facts with analysis.

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Compare and Contrast Auguse Horch and Gabrielle Chanel
It is often said that the people who will have the most impact on earth are the bold and freethinkers; People who envision the future and then work towards building or achieving their dreams and visions. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel (1883 - 1971) and August Horch (1868 - 1951) are some of the examples of such people. These two individuals, albeit different in their way, decided to change the world by actualizing their dreams. The times presented challenges for them but they were working towards a target, and both seemed determined to get to where they wanted to go. Chanel revolutionized fashion and died as one of the most influential women in the world. Her resilience and drive are something that women still look up to today, and she is still a source of inspiration for many. Conversely, Horch was a man whose drive and desire to outlive the norm propelled him to become one of the greatest inventors. Horch is credited with being the founder of an automobile company which would eventually become Audi (one of the world’s renowned car manufacturer). Both individuals were passionate and driven, and it is no secret that the world still looks up to them.
The first difference between Horch and Chanel is their beginnings. Chanel was from a humble background and was the daughter of a street vendor and a peasant (Sanchez, 2016). Nothing from her childhood hinted at her success, and as she climbed the success ladder, her humble background became less of a factor. Instead of going to a school and earning a degree, Chanel was sent to an orphanage after the death of her mother where she learnt to embroider and this marked the start of her career. On the other hand, Horch’s background was a little different. Initially, Horch was a blacksmith and did odd jobs for a living. The future seemed blurred but greatness is in every man, and Horch chased after his with sweat and hard work. According to, he later studied engineering at the Technical College in Mittweida and later joined Carl Benz in Mannheim. After he was introduced to the automobile industry, he gradually discovered his calling which was to change the world through automobile development.
Another rather obvious difference betwe...
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