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Proposal and Annotated Bibliography: The American Dream and Inequality (Research Paper Sample)


Proposal + 4 annotated sources are due this Sunday on Nov 28th and should together be 1000 words long. The rest of the word count must go towards my research. Use only the 7 sources I indicated in this order at the bottom - nothing else, no outside sources. 
Throughout this unit you have read articles dealing with current issues in American
society: The angle you choose is up to you,
but you must use strong supporting evidence to support your claim.
Assignment: Compose a persuasive researched argument on a topic of interest related
to our course themes. Make sure you read the assignment prompt very carefully to
ensure you meet the minimum requirements of the assignment. This paper must:; Have an Introduction: Your introduction will introduce readers to the topic, give
its significance, and share (via the thesis statement) what will be proven about
it. This should be a minimum of a half of a page and a maximum of one page.
Remember that this should contain a thesis statement that will focus the paper
(it should be the point you want to make/your argument).
Have Thorough, Well-Developed Body Paragraphs: Refer to your proposal and
the supporting points outlined there. Remember that well-developed, wellsupported
arguments are essential to getting your audience to agree with you.
Synthesize the Information You Find: In the body of your paper you will need to
show how your sources interact with each other as well as how they relate to
your ideas. How do the sources work together to prove your point? Use your
skills honed in the last essay.
; Be Persuasive: The goal of this paper is to persuade the audience rather than be
strictly informational.
; Have a Conclusion: This must wrap up your argument and not introduce any
new topics.
; Have Appropriate Documentation: Cite all the resources used in your paper
where you use them via in-text citations, and cite them fully on the works cited
Have Good Grammar/Punctuation/Style/Writing Skills: Chapter 13 in the
textbook provides assistance with adding style to an argument. While evidence
will support your claim, style helps engage the reader.
Length and Research: 2,400-3,000 words, excluding the works cited page. You will
use 6-10 sources, of which at least half must be scholarly in nature (I recommend
using journal articles). The other half can include articles from the textbook.
Points: The research paper is worth 300 points of your final grade.
Due Date:
Proposal and Annotated Bibliography due___________4/december_________ at your conference
Research Presentation due _______________
Final draft for grading due at the time/date of our final exam. Like any other final
exam, you must be present to submit your final (late assignments will not be
Proposal and Annotated Bibliography
A proposal can help you to begin formulating a claim and finding a structure. An
annotated bibliography will help you organize your research and find where it fits in
your overall argument.
Proposal Assignment: Write a proposal for your researched academic argument. In
this proposal you will begin determining what type of argument you are writing:
definitional, evaluative, proposal, or a combination of one or more rhetorical method.
Despite varying rhetorical approaches, all proposals should include the following:
1. Formulation of a claim: In this section of your proposal you should identify the
problem/issue and explain why it is worthy of discussion and what is at stake.
Include an examination of audience. Who would you like to reach with this
2. Evidence for the claim: In this section you need to discuss your reasons or
supporting points for the claim. You may include brief references to research
you will use to support each reason. You may also include a discussion of
anticipated counter arguments and how you will address them in your essay.
Section 2 should be the longest section of your proposal.
3. Description of the rhetorical method: You have written an evaluation
arguments, but you are not limited to that rhetorical strategy. You may write a
proposal argument with a call to action, a causal argument, or choose a
combination of two or more arguments. Choosing a style will help you organize
your essay.
Annotated Bibliography Assignment: Compose an annotated bibliography for at
least four sources you intend to use in your research paper. For each source, you will
first write a works cited entry followed by a 150 word annotation describing the
source’s argument and its usefulness in your essay. You can find a sample annotated
bibliography entry on the Purdue OWL website:
Length: Together the proposal and annotated bibliography should total 1,300-1,600
words in length, each part comprising half the word count minimum.
Research and Documentation Style: Your sources for the bibliography must be
scholarly in nature. Your proposal and bibliography must be written in MLA style
including in-text citations and a works cited page.
Points: The Proposal and Annotated Bibliography are worth 100 points of your final
Before writing the research the writer should write Annotated bibliography
first.Please do not use any sources other than this bellow:
1.Rip,the middle class 1946-2013 by edward mcclelland
2.inequality has been going on forever, but that does not mean it is inevitable by david leonhardt
3.confronting inequality by paul krugman
4.The upside of income inequality by gary s.becker and kevin m. murphy
5.The American Dream: Dead,Alive,or on hold
6.Rising inequality in an era of austerity the case of the USA byMARK D. PARTRIDGE & AMANDA L. WEINSTEIN
7. Inequality, Poverty, and the Socialization of America’s Youth for the Responsibilities of Citizenship byDavid C. Berliner
If you need more clarification let me know 
Please propose annotated bibliography first before writing the research.


The American Dream and Inequality
Proposal and Annotated Bibliography
There has been controversy on the relationship between the American Dream and inequality in the U.S. with both liberal and conservative having opposing views on the relevance of impact of income inequality. These disagreements emanate from differences in opinions about whether opportunities are available to all. The notion that hard work and ambition are crucial to achieving the American Dream supports the view that America is the land of opportunities. However, in light of the growing inequalities and income stagnation since the 1970’s the American Dream is being undermined more than ever before. Low social mobility in the U.S. compared to other developed countries also suggests that high inequality may derail the peoples’ effort to achieve the American Dream.
The purpose of this essay is to examine how the growing inequality derails the American Dream. Studies show that income inequality may be detrimental to social mobility especially when inequality a tipping point that there is reduced growth (Partridge & Weinstein 389). Other studies highlight that the growing inequalities is simply a manifestation of higher income paid to those with higher education and the entrepreneurs. While this is correct the income stagnation among the middle class and working class suggest that a majority of the Americans have been worse off.
The essay will rely on the identified sources to support the idea that inequality is detrimental to the American Dream. This will include statistics where possible, including a focus on changes in American economy since the 1970’s including income stagnation, the loss of manufacturing jobs as well as growing inequality. This will strengthen the argument that there is a need to address inequality and make it easier for the low class and middle class to improve their economic well-being.
Annotated Bibliography
Leonhardt, David. 'Inequality Has Been Going On Forever ... But That Doesn’T Mean It’S Inevitable'. N.p., 2014.
The authors rightly point out that inequality between the poor and the wealthy has increase cover time and begin with the example of China, where the bottom 10% earn more than 9 times than the bottom 10%. One of the reasons for the growing income inequality is that there is a higher premium for higher education, with highly educated people commanding higher wages. As such, investing in human capital is associated with greater disparity in earnings. This implies that earning inequality may be a result of higher productivity, but the people from broken homes have lower chances of getting to college. Additionally, lack of cognitive and non cognitive skills may pose a challenge to accessing education. The authors further argue that to solve the problem of rising income inequality then there ought to be more emphasis on raising the youths, and rewarding their returns on human capital by not raising on income taxes and focusing more on capital taxes.
King, Brandon. The American Dream: Dead, Alive, or on hold. 2009. Web.
In the case, King argues that the American Dream is very much alive, but only the people’s ideas and meaning of the concept have changed. King conceptualizes the American Dream as the ability to secure an honest way of life while saving for the future. King attempts to challenge the idea that the economy differences between the top earning and low earning classes is enough a reason for people to flourish. To King , the importance of the social class differences are over played, and simply demonstrate that the rich have been able to rely on what they have to achieve what they want. King’s rhetorical strategy is to rely on statistics, quoting a New York article and survey results on...
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