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Restricted Immigration (Research Paper Sample)


It is on why immigration should still be restricted. the thesis has to be on Over population, drug trafficking and Terrorists.  

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Date: 22nd May, 2013
Immigration is the process of permanently relocating into a foreign country or an area in the airport at a border where entry permits and individuals' documentation are checked by officials for those people trying to enter the foreign country. This is the movement of individuals from one country to another country with the intention living permanently in the new country. Immigration is common practice globally with most of them movement being from less industrialized countries to the industrialized countries most commonly the Unite States (Clayton 1-3).
While this has been the traditional practice historically, it has had some negative effects on America that have occasioned and justified the need to restrict immigration. The U.S is already overpopulated and, therefore, the country is consuming its national ecological resources at a rate that is unsustainable by the country. For example, due to the overpopulation, the country is now increasingly dependent on foreign energy imports. The precipitous rise of the United States population occasioned by the increased immigration over the past four decades has resulted in the outstripping of the county's natural resources. This has created the need to restrict immigration to ensure that the country does not deplete all its resources and secure the future generation (Weeks 12).
In addition, after the September 11, 2001 attacks immigration became a national security concern. Most of the terrorist involved in terror attacks, in the United States and other countries in the world such as the United Kingdom in Europe and Kenya in Africa. The common trend has been that the terrorists involved in these attacks are usually foreigners, refugees, and illegal immigrants (Garcia 1). High populations of such immigrants in the United States has been due to the lax immigration controls that have increasingly allowed entry of such groups of foreigners legally or illegally and, therefore, explicitly placed the United States at a high risk ...
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