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Black Hole - An Essential Component Of The Universe (Research Paper Sample)


Research Paper Part:
Length: ~5 pages
Objective: Teach the class about a topic. But, also make sure why your topic is relevant to today's world. What conversations are happening around it? What does thinking about this topic do for us?
Best Papers will:
Be Clear & Organized.
Make very clear to me the topic at hand while also opening up into a discussion of what is important about the topic.
Include an Annotated Bibliography
– It will consist of 4 citations (MLA style). Each will be followed by 2 brief paragraphs; the first one summarizes, and the second one is like a plan of how/why you are using it
– The reason for this change is because the Annotated Bibliography makes a great outline tool. You will benefit from having it done before the paper is due Thursday.
Regarding that Research Presentation & Paper
– Remember your paper has two goals – 1. To do explanatory research (make sure we understand your topic) & 2. Remind us and argue that your topic has relevance to today.
– That means your paper might be constructed kind of like a Wiki entry, with the relevancy argument at the back half. OR, you might construct it more like the paper we saw leads with the argument and unfolds the facts throughout. I'm fine with either.
– The presentation should be concerned with the explanatory part, but I will likely, in the Q&A, ask you about its relevancy.
I have 5 questions on this topic. If they work, maybe you can use them.
What will happen when someone get into the black hole?
What will the black hole eventually become?
Is it possible for the universe we know to be a black hole in itself?
What is in the center of a black hole?
How does black hole release energy while no particles can escape from the event horizon?


Black Hole Research
The Black Hole
Among the essential components of the universe is the black hole. On space-time, there is a region whereby the effects of gravity are intense and nothing can escape from the inside-not even the electromagnetic radiations or light. According to the relativity theory, a mass that is sufficiently compacted can make a black hole by deforming space-time. An event horizon is a boundary where there is no possible escaping of anything. Despite the event horizon having no detectable feature, it is the ultimate determinant of the fate of anything that crosses it. Since no light is reflected from the black hole, it acts as an ideal black surface. The theory of quantum field in space-time indicates that the event horizon is capable of emitting Hawking radiations. The emission is can be compared to that of a black body whose mass is indirectly proportional to its temperature.
The relevance of the Study
Some people might find it ridiculous finding scientists investing much of the resources and time in studying black holes. This is especially in the fact that unlike the study of the ozone layer, or asteroids which have a direct impact on humankind; black holes have got none. The purpose of this paper tries to enlighten such people on the importance of knowledge. Taking art as an example, it has got no direct impact on human life; humans can still exist without it. However, artists study it for the sake of it. This applies here; sometimes study of science must not have a direct impact on humankind. At times, people study science for the sake of science. Knowledge is key: there might be no direct impact now but in some cases maybe some many centuries from now, it might be discovered.
Laws of physics are quite fundamental. Scientists have taken into testing these laws for many years. This could serve as one of the reasons for studying black holes. Through the knowledge obtained from it; these laws can be tested and verified. Scientists have put an effort in exploring the universe. Someone while in space may get into a black hole. This thus becomes an important topic of if such an incident occurs, the changes that take place become fundamental. For instance, what will happen to the person and what changes will occur to the black hole. It is also a question of thought to find out how a black hole can release energy. This is on the basis that there is neither a particle nor electromagnetic radiation that can escape its event horizon.
Scientists test physics laws at limits; very small, very energetic, very large name them! Since black holes exhibit these extremes, they serve as testbed for the verification of theories to see if they are valid. The fact that black holes are gravitationally powerful, they have the capability of transforming (indirectly) anything on earth by either destroying, sustaining or creating. Also, the fact that black holes have singularities; how the universe came to be can be studied effectively by studying black holes. All the above makes the study of black holes relevant.
The objective of this research is thus to impart knowledge on black holes. As much as a black hole has no impact on humankind, it serves as a basis for gaining scientific knowledge. The research also aims at finding the effect on astronomical data especially now that black holes distort and inhibit any light from the background. Also, the paper aims at studying how black holes can lead to quantum and relativity theories reconciling and the effect this reconciliation has on physics. By dissecting the effects and changes of what if someone got into the black hole, vital information on if the evolution of the universe and the galaxies is caused by b...

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