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Philip Ii And The Rise Of Macedonia (Research Paper Sample)


Please write a ten-page research paper , please choose the topic from textbook ( SEE THE TEXTBOOK INFO BELOW ), maybe you can use this topic (A Brief History of Ancient Greece: Politics, Society and Culture/ Sophocles, Antigone-all , or choose a topic from the bibliographies at the end of the textbook chapters. Try to frame your paper around a research question. For example: instead of "Viking Raids in Tenth Century France," you might use "Was the violence of Tenth Century Viking Raids exaggerated in Contemporary Chronicles?" Don't make your topic too broad. For example: "The Fall of Constantinople" is going to be too broad. A better topic might be: "What was the Venetian Role in the Final Siege of Constantinople?" . Your paper should contain both primary and secondary sources. There are a number of primary sources in translation such as the histories of Herodotus or Thucydides. Penguin Books has a number of Greek, Roman, Byzantine and medieval sources in translation. You can also check the Internet Ancient History Sourcebook; they also have many full-source translations. Secondary sources should be from recognized academic sources including scholarly books and articles from peer-reviewed journals. The bibliography in your textbook will be very helpful in locating these sources. All your writing assignments will be evaluated on three criteria: form, content and style. This includes the use of complete sentences, proper spelling and correct grammar.
Please do not use bullet point or Wikipedia. Your research paper should be carefully proofread. Don't just use the spellchecker. The research paper must use one of the following styles: MLA, APA or Chicago/Turabian. please add reference paper city all the resources
Sarah B. Pomeroy, Stanley M. Burstein et al, A Brief History of Ancient Greece: Politics, Society and Culture, (Second Edition) Oxford University Press, 2009 (ISBN-13: 978-0-19-537235-9);


Philip II and the Rise of Macedonia
During 590 BCE, there was the rise of the league of neighbors in central Greece (Sarah 48). The league gained political strength since it insisted on the observance of the sacred space of Delphi. In Macedonia, the Macedonian kings were seeing an implementation of the Greek Culture in the Macedonian court(Cargill 77). It is during this time that Philip II was taken in hostage as a teenager by the Thebans and he was taught the Greek military, political and cultural tactics that ensured that made him to become a good leader of Macedonia. Philip II gained a deep understanding of the Delphic Amphictyony in the whole of Greek (Harris 67). In his war, he used various tactics such as the Third Sacred War and bring together Macedonia as one of the states of Greek. The research paper will focus on Philip II and Macedonia. The research question that has been chosen for the paper is what was the role of Philip II in the rise Macedonia. As a strategy to comprehensively address the research question, the paper will be divided to that is the first part will address the background of Philip and Macedonia, the second part will address how he built a strong military in Macedonia and the last part will address the efforts that he made in bringing peace in the Third Sacred War.
Background of Philip and Macedonia
Macedonia is one of the states in Greek that is found at the top of the Greek peninsula that acts as a shield from the non-Greeks. During the time that Philip was held in hostage at Thebes, Macedonia had a series of drastic changes that too ace in the royal house. After the assassination of Alexander the Great, there was a number of conspiracies where some claimed that Ptolemy was one of the leading suspects in the murder. However, he later ascended to the throne and Eurydice who was one of his supporters gave him the necessary advice and stood by his side. The ascension of Ptolemy made the Greek kingdom to be split into two where a half of the kingdom supported the proper successor of Alexander II who was Pausanias (Sarah 112). Since Athens was experiencing a power struggle with Thebes, Ptolemy got rid of Macedonia that was led by Pausanias. Pelopidas later invaded Ptolemy and he was humiliated in defeat.
In 365 Ptolemy lost his power and Perdicas III took over the kingdom. During this time, Athens and Thebes were fighting for the political control of Macedonia and in most of the cases they achieved this by appointing and supporting one king after another to rule Macedonia. Since Macedonia had a number of economic activities such as the building of ships, the two leaders did their best to make sure that they controlled such economic activities so that they would build their kingdoms (Parke 187). The Athens were infuriated by the actions of Peridicas especially after he provided the Thebes with the timber and ignored Athens. The Athenians would later hate the Macedonians and they continued with the fight over Amphipolis.
Philip would later come back home in the same year and he was given a territory called Amphaxitis to act as a protector. As a protector, Philip built a strong military and learnt a number of new military tactics that would later help him in his life as a ruler. Philip also built a strong Theban formation so that he would be able to make sure that there is a proper protection of the kingdom. At this time Perdiccas was so undecided on the control of both Thebes and Athens for the control of the economy of Macedonia (Perlman 142). Having stayed with the soldiers for a long period of time, he was able to build a strong fighting force. As a good leader, he was able to create a strong army which had been lacking for a long period of time i...

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