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United States & Canada: International Economic Development (Research Paper Sample)


United States and Canada
The US was profoundly influenced by the domino theory and the memories of Munich when it entered the fray in Vietnam. What were the outcomes of the Vietnam conflict and how much, after all the pain, suffering and expenses, did the US accomplish in the Vietnam War?
What did W.E.B. Du Bois mean by the phrase “the color line belts the world”? How did he use history to critique white dominance?
How would you define imperialism? How did the Monroe Doctrine and the Roosevelt corollary further the goals of U.S. imperialism?
Why did industrialization take off so differently in North America than in South America? What accounts for these differences?
Explain the seeming triumph of democratic patterns in the Western Hemisphere. Given the existence of NAFTA and CAFTA, do you think that the pattern of US domination of the hemisphere might be broken?
“In writing the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson plagiarized, ripping of the work of John Locke.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Discuss Locke’s contributions to the Enlightenment.
Compare and contrast the Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution. How did the Articles of Confederation protect liberties against a distant central government?
Discuss the role of the United States in international economic development in the 1920s, specifically the Dawes and Young plans, the events leading up to Black Thursday and he Depression, and the imposition of the Hawley-Smoot tariff.
Compare and contrast the approaches of Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt in dealing with the Depression. In your opinion, what brought an end to the Depression?
How neutral was the United States during the first three years of World War I? Didn’t Germany have valid reasons to use submarine warfare to interdict American material support of its European trading partners?
Describe the Marshall Plan, its application, and its impact.
How is Martin Luther King Jr.’s perspective on the Vietnam War unique? How does he relate domestic issues to the foreign war?
If you were in charge of US foreign policy toward Latin America before 1914, how would you have changed American diplomacy?
Why has the United States become a prime target for terrorists? What is the debate over how the US should best respond to this threat?
list of at least 8 reliable sources; Papers that do not include a list of references will receive zero points. List your name and the selected research question on the first page.


The United States and Canada
The United States is no stranger to strategic conflicts. The nation has continuously been engaging in strategic battles, be it for supremacy or to abate the growth of an unwanted ideology. The country's military has played a significant part in its global domination. This is because it firmly believes in the domino theory. This theory was proposed by William Donovan, the then Director General of OSS, in an attempt to explain why engagement in war in various parts of the world by the United States, was appropriate. The country's first line of defense is the western frontier, following along the great arc that covers the whole line from Alaska to Australia, through countries like Korea, Japan, Philippines and Indonesia. These areas were the dominoes of the United States. If the United States, therefore, lost the Vietnam War, then these regions would be lost, one by one, thereby reducing the defensive frontier of the nation back to Hawaii.In a nutshell, defeat in the Vietnam War would result in a retreat by the United States army from the Asian colonies. This is what is meant by the domino theory. The Vietnam War is one of the bloodiest the country has ever engaged in. It pitted the South, aided by the western forces, against the North Vietnam, marshaled by the Vietcong and Russian artillery. The war still raises a lot of controversies to do with how much was achieved, and if anything was achieved by the United States. There are some accomplishments, however, that the United States achieved in this war.
Through its engagement in the war, the United States managed to curtail the spread of communism through Southeast Asia. Communism, spearheaded by the Soviet Union and China, was gathering pace in Southeast Asia (Westheider, 2007).The United States in its capacity managed to stem this communist tide and put checks into just how far it would spread. If the United States hadn't intervened in Vietnam, then South Vietnam would have been overrun very much earlier than it did. Once the south was occupied, the next stop for the communists would be the neighboring nations of Laos and Cambodia. To a large extent, Thailand too would be at risk of being taken over by communists (Alexander, 2007).
This was the case with of the aftermath of American withdrawal from Vietnam. There were fears that after the fall of Indochina into communists' hands, nothing would stop the rapid advancement of the communists into the rest of Asia. The North Vietnam Army (NVA) and the Vietcong ventured into Laos after conquering the South. These were the days of Pol Pot, one of the history's most evil and most cruel men. With his Khmer Rouge, he and his cult murdered thousands. Americans acted as the speed controllers of the communist movement, since had it not be for them, then the Vietcong and the rest of the communists would have conquered Southeast Asia a decade earlier(Tucker,2011).The domination was long overdue, only being held back by the determined American forces.
The development of Southeast Asia was therefore saved, as a result of the American intervention in Vietnam. If the communists had been allowed to spread as quickly as planned, then the entire Southeast Asia would interpret communism as the way to go. A large chunk of Asia would have taken up communist beliefs and practices, as the light...
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