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Ethnography Research Of Yohji Yamamoto Designs (Research Paper Sample)


First, review the Week 9 slides: ARS SP18 - week 9 - image analysis.pptxPreview the document.
Then observe, describe, and formally analyze the media of your choice, using specialized worksheets. Make sure you are selecting the media-centric format that will best speak to your thesis statement and research questions!
Choose one of the below:
Film Analysis: ARS Media Analysis worksheet.pdf
Social Media Analysis: ARS - social media fieldwork .docx
(You can use one of these worksheets to build your Primary Source Report if one of these methods seem most productive to you.)


Fieldwork Worksheets
Media Analysis: Ethnography research of Yohji Yamamoto designs
My fieldwork research report is ethnography of pictures from the recent posting on the fashion magazine of the famous Yohji Yamamoto's' latest designs. These pictures reveal the meaning of Yamamoto monochromatic black color. The black color represents his personal experience and the darkness inside him that often radiate in the aesthetics of his clothing. Yamamoto designs are monochromatic of black color used to design carved asymmetrical oversized shaped layers of clothes. Yamamoto produces shapes that naturally change the body curve and movement, making his clothes look comfortable to wear and can fit all body shapes.
One significant aspect of his designs is creativity; he uses the same theme and design principles to create different unique designs that express different emotions. His designs are more of a visual description of his worldview, which majorly reflects his personal encounters. Instead of focusing on the obvious parts of the female body, Yamamoto's designs shift focus to other parts of the body. Yamamoto's designs express the need for freedom; the body naturally fits into the garment without one feeling restricted by the predetermined shape of the garment. His clothes look comfortable to wear and can fit all body shapes.
Yamamoto refines the Japanese value for the disproportion in his designs to portray specific hidden characteristics of

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