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Ethnography of a Staff at Camden Park Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Ethnographers study social communities (cultures) from the inside out.  The researcher lives in and among the people he/she studies for months or years, speaking the language, participating in daily life.  He or she takes copious notes on the details of everyday life.  The researcher transcribes observations and then writes articles or books finding patterns and lessons in the data.

What kind of data is included in those observations?  The researcher is part of the situation being studied.  He/she cannot possibly observe a social situation without being part of it.  The researcher can’t pretend to have objectivity.  Most ethnographers admit their own feelings, points of view, and social roles in the community or culture.  They are “participant/observers” in the culture they are studying.  By admitting their human point of view, they allow their readers to second-guess them, if necessary.  They allow us to read their results in a more informed way.


Ethnography of a Staff at Camden Park
Date of submission
Ethnography of a Staff at Camden Park
Denis recently reminded me of my favorite game that we used to enjoy during childhood years. Even though I usually felt disappointed during boat riding when young, I never gave up going to Peddler's Village during weekends and holidays. Denis used to call me captain because I never let him sit on the captain's couch on the little boat. In addition, I loved to accompany my dad to the amusement park at the especially on weekends and paid close attention to how he managed the different activities in Peddler's village. Sometimes he could assign me some easy chores such as washing park seats, clean the ground around the swimming pool among others. Eventually, I developed an interest in becoming amusement park manager in the future. One afternoon at the age of 15 years, I sneaked to the park and found Pete one of the staff conducting first aid to a child who slipped from a ridge runner though was not seriously hurt. I was fond of him so he never hesitated to assign me some complex activities of which we did together. He even offered to train me on some of the maintenance skills that I need to know besides demonstrating different first aid techniques to me. Later, on my passion as a manager of amusement park became a reality and that is the main reason for writing this ethnography.
In May last year, I requested the management of Camden Park to be a staff at the premise for a weekend during peak seasons. Even though the management notified me on the long list of the already booked months, I was glad to get an opportunity to volunteer for one day on July 6th, 2016.
Camden Park is the nearest amusement facility from our home which is about 300 miles. I used to visit the amusement park with my father who was a staff every weekend at my childhood age, now I am one of the students who study ecotourism and has volunteered to exercise some of the management skills that I have learned regarding amusement parks (Dickinson & Summer-Ramirez, 2016).
Camden Amusement Park covers 26 acres of land found near Huntington, West Virginia. It was founded in 1902 a spot for picnics by the Camden Interstate Railway Company. In most cases, riders who used to travel between Huntington and other cities would have a stop for the change of lines and soon grew due to other roadside attractions. Currently, it is the most valued amusement park in West Virginia and is a home for over thirty rides and other attractions including the wooden roller coaster, vintage rides, and the Big Dipper. Numerous recreational facilities have been added including swimming pool, roller rink, and a small zoo (Dickinson & Summer-Ramirez, 2016).
In addition, the different events that are hosted in the park include live musical performances especially on hot summer nights, "Children's Festival, "Coca-Cola Days" as well as the "Halloween Spectacular". On the same note, other events include paratrooper, Scrambler, the Whip, Tilt-A-Whirl and swan-shaped pedal boats for boat riding. The park usually operates in six days a week with peak periods from late May to early August and for special dates in September and October (Moutinho, 1988). Initially, I had a perception that the amusement environment is only for the accommodation of clients during the day and such events like musical concerts and wedding events would not feature in such locality. Furthermore, I imagined of the hectic activities the staffs undergo in the peak seasons when people go for holidays and whether the enterprises have seasonality as well as satisfying customers of diverse cultural backgrounds.
Observation and data analysis
6th July 2016 (8:00 am to 6:00 pm)
Even though I felt anxious for the day, I eagerly waited for the time. Camden Park is a 2-hour drive f...
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