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Research Software Problems Attributable to Cyber Warfare (Research Paper Sample)


The paper will research the software problems attributable to Cyber Warfare. This paper must address the emerging Cyber Security concerns related to software problems. What kind of ramifications do you foresee if our software security is not the highest standards?
Your report should be minimum 4 double-spaced pages in length, excluding the cover sheet and bibliography. Your report must be typewritten, must use a 12 point font and 1" margins. Each page (other than the cover sheet) should include a footer with your first initial and last name(s) left justified (e.g., M. Tavakolan), and the page number (e.g., "Page 1") right justified. It should clearly documented per the university writing guidelines, and must use proper spelling, grammar. The research paper should present professional and scholarly conclusions with convincing evidence. The research topics must be approved prior to conducting a research, except the paper #1 which has been detailed below.
Your report is required to reference sources upon which you based your paper. Sources should not include marketing or advertising literature. Your sources must be organized in a bibliography, and all references must be cited in your paper. References in the bibliography must be prepared according to one of the standard style sheets (e.g., MLA, APA, IEEE, ACM). 


Software Problems Attributable to Cyber Warfare
Institutional Affiliation
Software Problems Attributable to Cyber Warfare
Cyber warfare is intensifying by the day. As the organizations and governments employ various efforts to improve cyber security, the hackers are also busy looking for better ways to execute their attacks on the best security software developed. Hackers have focused more on the software problems that may offer a soft target for executing the attacks. As the organizations shift towards an electronic era where most of the transactions are conducted online, and payments made via the mobile phone systems, the attackers get motivated to breach those systems to steal the money that is being transferred. The mobile software that is being used has not been strengthened enough to overcome the security threats posed by the hackers, and they are taking advantage. Mobile software is just an example of the software problems that offer a soft target for the hackers. This paper is going to uncover more emerging cyber security concerns that are associated with the software problems as well as looking into the possible ramification that may occur if a company does not employ a software security of high standards.
Cyber Security Concerns Related to Software Problems
There are numerous cyber security concerns that pop up every day as a result of growing technologies and increasing numbers of hackers from all over the world. One of the growing concerns is the hacking of mobile payments as well as other online payment systems. (Bayuk, et al., 2012) With the intensified use of smartphones in carrying out transactions, the cyber attackers have invested in ways they can intrude into the systems used in the money transfer so as to steal the money being transferred. Some of the software targeted are the Google Wallet and Apple Pay (Bayuk, et al., 2012). It has been found that the attackers first find their way into the mobile software and after that infiltrate into the corporate networks to which the smartphones are linked to. This means that a company's system will be accessed by the attackers (Bayuk, et al., 2012). Through linking with the smartphone, the hacker can acquire some phenomenal intellectual property which can lead to acquiring credential business materials and information that can enable the attacker to mount a reasonable attack to the company (Bayuk, et al., 2012).
Also, there are emerging source vulnerabilities that include heartbleed, shellshock, and poodle. The heartbleed is a bug located in the Transport Layer Security (TLS) heartbeat implementation through which an enemy sends a request to be responded to. The hacker specifies the time limit to respond to such query (Adomi, 2011). If the user responds, the hacker will access the user's information that may facilitate execution of attacks. Shellshock refers to a group of vulnerabilities in bash (Adomi, 2011). It is used for assessing and executing commands initiated by the users with other programs. Poodle is a problem that emanates from the vulnera...
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