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Chapter 14: War and Terrorism War, Civil War, and Terrorism (Essay Sample)


Module 14: Lecture

Chapter 14: War and TerrorismWar, Civil War, and Terrorism

There is a “new face” to war, for civilians as well as the military may be targeted, and civil wars and terrorism have increased.  A large number of armed conflicts exist in the world at any one point in time; by 2008, there were still 16 major armed conflicts in the world.  Hundreds of acts of terrorism also occur in the world every year, resulting in additional deaths.

War, Terrorism and the Quality of Life

Human destruction reaches a peak in war.  Since the start of our own Civil War (including Union troops only) to the present, nearly a million American military personnel have died as a result of wars, and 1.5 million more have been wounded.  Human destruction in war has increased enormously because of advancements in the technology of war.  More people died from war in the 20th century than in any previous century.  Increasingly, civilians, including children, are the victims of wars and terrorist acts.  War and terrorism diminish the quality of life in many ways: death, injury, psychological and interpersonal disruption, dehumanization, anxiety, mistrust, environmental destruction, economic waste, and loss of civil liberties.  Military spending in the United States continues to increase. The estimated 2009 US budget for national defense ($675.1 billion) accounts for 21.7 percent of all spending and 4.5 percent of the gross domestic product. A number of other countries spend even more, for militarism is a problem for the entire world.


Terrorism has taken in a “new face” in that both civilians and the military are targeted. Today, civil wars have been on the increase where organized groups within a nation or country engage in wars with the civilians or other groups. Further, armed conflicts have been on the rise such that by 2008, a record of 16 major armed conflicts existed across the world. Additionally, acts of terrorism take place in the world every year leading to more deaths.
War affects the quality of life in general. When there is war, human destruction reaches high rates. From the beginning of the American Civil War to the present day, approximately one million military personnel have perished in warfare and more than 1.5 million have suffered injuries. With the advancement of technology such as better weapons like machine guns and specialized bombs, human destruction becomes more enormous during times of war. In reality, more deaths occurred in the 20th century during wars than it in the previous centuries. War does not choose and so civilians including children become victims of war and terrorism. Generally, war and terrorism lead to a reduction in the quality of life in various ways such as death, severe injuries, psychological distress, interpersonal disruption, mistrust, anxiety, loss of human dignity, economic loss, violation of civil freedom, and even environmental destruction. Currently, the military spending in the United States has...
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