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Political System Maintenance Issues On Information Security (Research Paper Sample)


Module 4 - SLP
SLP 4 is in two parts.
Part I: Information Security
Information security has been a theme that has appeared in movies frequently. For example, watch the following clips.
This SLP assignment is very different from what we have been used to. We are going to review and apply what we have learned so far while having fun. Your task is to describe scenarios related to information security system or information security comprises in movies and TV series that you are familiar with. Be creative. In this assignment, you are required to write 3-5 pages discussing the following:
Include at least 2 movies or TV episodes;
Cover at least three different information security aspects.
Part II: Standard Organizations
This assignment requires you to research the main organizations of information system and prepare a 3- to 5-page report to answer the following questions
What are the codes of ethics of these organizations?
Discuss criteria that can be used to evaluate whether an information security system is a quality system, explain why you decide to use these criteria.


Information Security
Information security is a practice that prevents unauthorized access to confidential information. The security is meant to protect the information from being disclosed to people who are unauthorized so as to make sure that the information is not disrupted or modified with the aim of favoring one of the parties involved in the other. It is also protected so as to avoid it being destroyed by such people, especially before the information has served its purpose. Information security is an important aspect in different fields like business, law and safety matters so as to ensure that confidential information does not land in wrong hands that can use it to cause harm.
Information can be secured using different methods which are prescribed as secure or that are customized in a way that makes them look secure. The methods employed for information security range from electronic to physical methods. Electronic methods include the use of IT security which is the use of computers. The computers used are connected to the internet, or the information is stored in the database of the computer hardware and some passwords put to stop unauthorized access. Information that is stored online is has for long been used by big departments like the CIA in the US, where different authorized people can access it. Physical methods include writing a hard copy of the information and storing it in a safe (Whitman, & Mattord, 2012). 
A good information security system should be able to provide assurance that the information is secure by ensuring that the data is not lost when critical issues arise. Critical issues that can lead to data loss include computer malfunction, natural disaster or even theft. There are many threats to information security which includes attacks on the computers both physical and technical , for example the computer having viruses which sometimes lead to information loss.
Theft of information is also a major challenge. Scientists have tried to come with some remedies that are meant to protect information from being lost when there is a technical problem. It can be protected by ensuring the information which is done by keeping a copy the document at another organization that offers information security services (Vacca, 2013). Information security has been used in movies as a theme on several cases like;
* Mission Impossible Forces (MIF)5
The movie is an action TV series that has different themes of betrayal, loyalty, and revenge. In the film, the starrings are forced at one point to go to a British barracks to steal a disk which is supposed to have such information which they target to use to bring the syndicate down. The Syndicate is an organization that is there that has been involved in several criminal activities. The crimes that this organization has been committing have always been done with the Mission Impossible Forces being blamed. The blame leads to the disbandment of the forces. Tom Cruise, who is the main character going by the name Ethan Hunt, goes out of his way to try to bring all the activities of the syndicate to light with the aim of bringing back the team.
In the process, he brings along Benji, who is a computer expert to help him in the mission. He also meets up with a lady who is working for the syndicate but is not contented with how they are treating her, so she is looking for ways of running away without risking her life. The three team up and go to the barracks and steal the information which is stored as a soft copy on a computer. The target is to hack the system and download the information and store it on a hard disk.
It brings...
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