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Workers South: Confronting Neocolonialism, Racism, and Counterinsurgency (Research Paper Sample)

Weight: 30% of your final grade Length: 1500 words Due: Upon completion of Unit 3; Week 16 of the suggested study schedule Hint: Think about this assignment before you begin working through Unit 3. Instructions: Write an essay on one (1) of the three topics given below. For this essay, you will need to use the readings assigned to the topic of your choice, plus four other sources that can be from the references list and/or other scholarly works on the topic. You should also use appropriate theoretical concepts from Silver's Forces in Labor to ensure a coherent train of thought in your paper. Choose one (1) topic from Topic 1, Topic 2, or Topic 3 below: Topic 1: Workers West: From Fascism to the New Left Topic 2: Workers East: Taylorism and Revolution Topic 3: Workers South: Confronting Neocolonialism, Racism, and Counterinsurgency Marking Guide Content: 70% Answers the question in a clear, accurate, logical, and comprehensive manner. Where appropriate, gives examples to illustrate points being made. Format, Mechanics, and Style: 30% Where external sources are referred to, they are appropriately identified and cited according to an established academic style. Grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are used correctly. Style is appropriate for a university-level course. source..
Workers South: Confronting Neocolonialism, Racism, And Counterinsurgency Students Name Institutional Affiliation Colonialism in the south had a lot of impacts that are still being felt in today's world. Therefore, this paper will focus on the issue of confronting neocolonialism, racism, and counterinsurgency. Neocolonialism refers to all the cats that are still being imposed on former colonies by the colonists in order to keep on taking advantage of the colonies. This is a common issue in the south whereby, the colonialists are still having trade activities that are made to benefit their economies instead of those of the colonies. South Africa is a good case study in the case of colonialism because it is among one of the southern countries which attained its independence in the recent past.s. This is an indication that the citizens are still battling to gain full independence. Most of the businesses in that country are owned by the whites, and this has resulted to certain levels of discrimination in terms of employment.s the workers are paid small wages that do not match the work that they do. However given the fact that the citizens have to survive according to the standards of the nation, then they have no choice but to conform with the actions of the whites. After the apartheid era in South Africa, there was a rise in sanctions and most of the multinational companies were capitalized in an exploitive environment. This meant few job opportunities for the native South Africans while the whites occupied the top paying jobs for them to be able to live a luxurious life. Most of those multinational companies are still being more beneficial to the whites as they are to the native South Africans. In the past year, South Africans have taken an initiative of confronting neocolonialism through xenophobia. The anger expressed by the south African is as a result of the unequal treatment that keeps on receiving from some of the whites living in the country. Given the fact that neocolonialism has pushed them into xenophobia, then this is an indication that their economies will continue being unstable at the expense of dealing with their former colonies. Xenophobia has resulted to the destruction of property worth millions, the death of people and the disruption of peace in the country hence making it difficult for the citizens to carry out their daily activities which grow the economy. In addition, if an intervention is not made, then there are chances that the country will have no peace and its economy will keep on lagging behind. They are fighting at a time when they are supposed to be working to recover from the impacts of colonialism. Therefore, neocolonialism exists in the south and the workers should come up with peaceful methods of eradicating it. As a result, this will ensure that they are not only politically independent but also economically independent. A country whose economy is stable is bound to make great trade deals with other parties across different parts of the world. Hence, it is time for the south to confront neocolonialism by eliminative the exploitive and unequal environment that has been created in their countries by the colonists. As well, confronting racism is one of the challenges that is facing workers in the south. In the year 2018, the South African human rights commission had to deal with approximately 505 racism cases. This is an indication of how much racism that people in the south are facing. The racism is expressed in the workplaces whereby the top paying jobs are set aside for the whites while the blacks are left to occupy the lower positions that have little wages. In a country that is facing inflation, then some of the wages are too little for the people to afford their daily needs. This has created a huge gap between the rich and the poor hence making it difficult for some of the poor individu...
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