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Organizational Behavior (Research Paper Sample)


Answer in complete sentences, and sure to use correct English spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be two (2) pages in length.


Organizational Behavior
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Status is the relative rank that a person holds with exclusive rights, obligation, and a way of life, in a social chain of command built in honor (Chan, 2010). Status is either assigned at birth or acquired through competition and individual efforts. Family and gender dictate assigning of status while education, marriage, and previous accomplishments are vital in gaining status. Western culture dominates many western and central European countries and other states where Europeans have settled all over the world. The civilized culture is another term used to describe western culture (Laungani, 2007). In western culture, a manager acquires his/her status through education and accomplishments. If one is well educated or accomplishes a lot in his/her earlier occupation is destined for greatness, globally (Bel, 2007). Examples, American president Barrack Obama, initially he succeeded as a senator of Illinois, and Jim Yong Kim, president of the world bank, achieved this managerial office due to his education and accomplishments as president of Dartmouth College in USA.
Eastern culture refers to philosophical systems and social structures in Asian countries and Eastern European countries (Laungani, 2007). Status is eastern culture is usually assigned founded on gender and family status. In the Eastern culture (Bel, 2007), women are not assigned managerial positions such as a president of a country i.e. no single Asian country has a female leader. Secondly, those born in royal families are entitled to a top leadership position, e.g. in the Saudi Arabia, the royal family runs all political and economic organizations. Barriers to effective communication are specific items that can hinder or distort circulation of information within an organization (Quintanilla & Wahl, 2011). Some of these items include: Status differences, wher...
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