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Social Control Theory and Self Control Theory (Research Paper Sample)

This project will be in APA format, 12 point, Times New Roman font, and double-spaced. It will include a brief introductory paragraph of at least 250 words and will state the topic of the paper, including a thesis sentence followed by an explanation of how the information in the paper will be presented. It will include a minimum of 6 academic, peer-reviewed journal references which may include an official .gov website that directly supports the thesis. Wikipedia and other websites outside of the professional academia are NOT authorised. These references will be cited in proper APA format only. The body of the paper will be a minimum of 1000 words and will include an introductory paragraph, a categorized, well-defined body, and a concluding summary. - The primary goal of the paper will be to explain and contrast the following theories: Social Control Theory and Self Control Theory as defined by several control theorists. - Contrast these theories by showing their differing viewpoints on why people engage in delinquent behaviors. - Identify major theorists who have researched and support each theoretical perspective. - Include at least one statistic for each theory that compares and contrasts American societal delinquent behaviors. Conclude the paper by stating which theory best explains why people act in a delinquent and deviant manner. source..
Social and self control theories Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The social control theories and self control theories are major elements in the study of criminal minds also known as criminology. Most theorists agree that social control theory is attributed to both criminal and delinquent acts. Weakness, breakdown or absence of social bonds is what Jensen (2003) attributes to law breaking in the social theory. Self control theories focus more on the individual than factors that lead to criminal acts; it also investigates criminal minds both at individual and group levels. These theories scrutinize aspects of self control and divide them into belief, attachment and commitment in the society. Hirchi (1969) combined all elements of social psychology of attachment, belief and commitment with social involvement in the explanation to describe human behaviour. The topic of the paper is Social control theory and self control theory. The thesis statement is comparison and contrasting of the social and self control theories as defined by several control theorists. The paper will be presented with the introduction, the body and conclusion. It will involve the comparison and contrast of the social and self control theories by different theorists and contrasting view points on delinquent behaviour. The paper will also identify the major theorists who have researched and supported each theoretical perspective and include at least one statistic for each theory that compares and contrasts American delinquent behaviours. In general it will try to explain according to each theory as advanced by the different theorists what motivates criminals and keep them committing crimes. In the conclusion, it will state which theory explains in the best way why people act in a delinquent and deviant manner. Introduction FutoncountyGA.GOV gives the description of Delinquents as people who commit juvenile actions or conduct themselves in a manner which violates the criminal law and in some cases, be applied to status offenders. This means that delinquency is the action to commit these acts. Social and self control theories best explains the events leading to such behavior. Gottfredson and Hirschi’s (1990) articulation theory is a general theory of crime and other related behaviors go ahead to show how most criminal behavior would be and in the end acknowledging age as a factor in criminology and any consequent offences. They explained that age is inversely proportional to crime in relation to the statistics collected. This discards the age old belief that crime is only based upon ones free will and choice; instead it views crimes as natural consequences of unrestrained human tendencies in their quest to seek pleasure. The above theory is a social control theory since it concentrates more on the nature of the crime rather than the individual. Body An in-depth look into the theory gives us facts that low self control is a factor in the establishment of the theory whereby Gottfredson and Hirschi (1990) tries to explain the origin of all criminal or otherwise analogous behavior. Arneklev et al (1993) carried out tests on the general theory of crime citing the largest criticism in the theory that it is purely tautological. They further state that Hirschi (1990) did not provide a definition of the words low self esteem and therefore could not be used to tell whether an individual had this characteristic unless they committed a crime. They stated that low self esteem is a character that has been established early in life and remains relatively stable across one’s life and when given the opportunity, an individual will engage in a wide range of criminal behavior. During the tests...
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