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Nazi Parade. Social Sciences. Research Paper. Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


Just a note to offer some suggestions on the assignment about the parade in a small town. Read the 1st Amendment to the Constitution about freedom of speech. You may offer a suggestion about how the Mayor of the small town might handle the dilemma. There are no right or wrong opinions - simply your reaction to keeping everyone safe but coming up with a response that may or may not be mutually beneficial to all parties involved.
A similar dilemma occurred in Skokie, Illinois when a group of Nazis wanted to hold a parade with the highest number of Holocaust survivors in Illinois. You may wish to see what happened by reviewing the story on the internet.
Please write a 2-3 page summary and your conclusion.


Nazi Parade
Nazi Parade
There are many instances where political leaders are faced with the dilemma of protecting free speech. However, leaders need to have a way of resolving the dilemma. The case of Mayor Steve Judy presents such a dilemma. Mayor Judy of Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, was confronted by reporters who wanted to know how he would respond to the request of a neo-Nazi group, known as the Aryans Nations, to hold a parade on the city’s main street during the 100th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birthday. This confrontation caught Mayor Judy off-guard and he did not have the time to consult with his political advisors or the city’s attorney. The Mayor understood the gravity of the situation and he quickly responded in a way that did not give away what his decision would be, even though the decision to deny or grant the permit was solely his. He told the reporters that “As a community, we reject what the Aryans stand for. If there’s any way I can prevent them from parading in our town, I will. But I also will respect the Constitution (Husock, 2000).” 

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