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The introduction of Research paper Social Sciences Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Please do not write the whole Research Paper!!!
Just write the introduction section!


1) What is the controversial topic you plan to write about?

Why people are willing to go to study in America?


2) What is the research question you plan to focus on?

The reason that parents and children want to go to study in America.


Note: You can do some changes or additions.


The Introduction Formula

Introduction will tell you the background, give you the literature review and let you know some conflicts in the research problem.


1. Hook: Attract the reader's interest by telling them that this paper relates to something interesting.

     o Y matters: When Y rises or falls, people are hurt or helped.

     o Y is puzzling: it defies easy explanation.

     o Y is controversial: some argue one thing while other say another.

            Things to avoid:

     o The bait and switch: promising an interesting topic but delivering something else, in   particular, something boring.

     o "all my friends are doing it": presenting no other motivation for a topic than that other           people have written papers on it.

2. Antecedents: Identify the prior work that is critical for understanding the contribution this paper will make. The key mistake to avoid here are discussing papers that are not essential parts of the intellectual narrative leading up to your own paper.

3. Value-Added: Stress the value and relevance of your research. Why should we care about your research? What will it contribute to the field (and beyond)?

4. Research question: Tell the reader what this paper actually does. Establish your thesis or claim.  

Here are several ways in which writers position their claims.

            Inquisitive Thesis shows that the subject in question is “important, curious, or otherwise           interesting.”

            “The previous research suggests an interesting correlation between A & B; therefore, my            research will....”

            “Evidence suggests an interesting correlation; therefore, it is desirable to survey different             respondents....”

            Paradoxical Thesis focuses on the way in which your research will go against what is commonly believed in the field. This form of introduction searches for unlikely            perspectives on the subject.

            “Although most experts in the field believe ...., they have overlooked .... My research will          ....”

            “The previous research has mistakenly assumed that....”

            Corrective Thesis shows that the subject has been neglected by others.

      “Despite the intense focus on X, few researchers have examined Problem Y ......My        research will ...”

            “In spite of prior observations of voter behavior in local elections in urban Detroit, it       remains unclear why do some single mothers choose to avoid....” 



Think of the introduction as a mental road map that answers these five questions:

  1. What topic am I studying?
  2. What do we already know about this topic or what have other experts discovered about the topic?
  3. Why is this topic important to investigate?
  4. How will my research advance new knowledge or new ways of understanding?
  5. What is my specific research question?




Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation

Why do you think many students are willing to study in the United States of America (USA)? Are you aware that approximately 900,000 students from different parts of the world joined schools in the USA from 2013-2014 (Kim, 2015)? The country has become one of the primary university destinations for learners due to various reasons that will be discussed in this paper. In particular, American universities are renowned for providing high-quality education, which many children and parents do not want to miss. The majority of students believe that by studying in the USA, they will get a good global exposure. In other words, they interact with people from different corners of the world and learn distinctive ways of solving real-life challenges. Learning is a process that does not only take place by reading books, but individuals acquire knowledge from their colleagues and peers. For example, an American student who meets a Chinese learner might learn the importance of the culture of collectivism. That way, the former embraces teamwork diversity, where people are focused on achieving a common goal.

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