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Poor people dont have oppetunities. Social Sciences Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


For this fourth assignment you need to produce an outline for your research project. The idea here is to get you thinking of the overall structure of your final research project due in April. Since your final research project needs to be at least twelve pages of text written and researched by you, I estimated that your completed research paper will have at least twenty paragraphs overall (probably more). For this assignment you’ll need to produce an outline with at least twenty entries. Each entry should be no more than a sentence, but for this outline you are not required to make these entries grammatically complete sentences. They do, though, have to have enough verbiage that it’s clear what that paragraph will be about. These outline entries could be the topic sentences for the individual paragraphs in your research project.
In addition to creating an outline entry for each paragraph, you also need to arrange those entries so that there are at least two levels of subordination. Use numbers/letters and indentation to identify the levels of subordination.


Poor People Don’t Have Opportunities
1.0 Introduction
Inequalities in society is shown by the gap between the rich and the poor. Many people earn below-average incomes, rendering them unable to afford basic needs. The gap is worsened by the inaccessibility of resources such as money, education, basic amenities, among others.
Thesis: Rich men have access to many opportunities because they continue to gain more wealth through further investment of the financial resources at their disposal.
2.0 Access to Amenities and Resources
2.1 Paragraph 1

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