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Writing About More Nuclear Power (Research Paper Sample)


Since it's a group project. My part is only focus on: Positive effects of More Nuclear power Please only focus on the aspect of Positive!! Economic Effectiveness!! It should contain not only US but also Some other countries (developing or developed) which already have nuclear energy in place already. Worldly!
Also if it's possible please send me the links of any related article or website page...that u will use in this paper as soon as you can through message. (because our group partners may need that,However, this research paper urgency is 7days.) Thx


More Nuclear Power
Nuclear has shown the ability to become the next generation source of energy because of the advantages it holds in various aspects for example to the environment and its economic effectiveness. Most countries have embarked on nuclear generation with countries such as the United States having more than 104 commercial plants for nuclear power manufacturing. This gives the country a rough estimate of 806.2 TWh in electricity and it was observed that about 20% of the United States electricity in 2008 was from these plants. This shows the promising potential of more nuclear plants. Below are the benefits and major advantages of nuclear energy in the global economy. Efficient and power: the key benefit of nuclear energy is that it is not only powerful but efficient related to other sources of energy. Technological advancement has increased its viability.
Low cost: Globalization has turned the world economy into one major economy made up of competing economies. In this economy, every nation tries to maximize on their manufacturing and production to emerge as the best or to survive in the competitive economy. One of the major drivers of an economy if the energy sector which is used for production and manufacturing. Using nuclear energy has benefits since it is relatively cheap in cost when compared to other sources. Although the initial cost of setting up the power plants in the nuclear sector is expensive in the long run the process becomes way too cheap as the production of nuclear is cheaper than the generation of coal, gas, oil and the said renewable energy sources.
Enormous capacity: it is an economic advantage to have an energy source that has an enormous capacity. For nuclear energy, it is observed that one kilogram of four percent uranium is enough to produce energy that is equivalent to combustion of 60 tons of oil or high-grade coal that is nearly 100 tons. This means adopting nuclear energy will save the nation in capacity,

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