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Effects Of Survivors Of Sexual Abuse Of Child Sexual Abuse (Research Paper Sample)


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Effects of Survivors of Sexual abuse
Sexual abuse is one of the most confusing and irritating actions that various families experience. Those who have been believed to carry the capacity of protecting their children, they are the ones that play part in sexually abusing children. This brings up the question of what should be done to do away with these acts. Families have been seriously affected with this acts have been heartbroken. There are various ways that children have been sexually abused. This includes virginal sex, oral sex, molesting, and sexual fondling. According to the American Association for Marriage and Family one out of four boys are sexually abused as well as one out of five girls are also sexually abused in between childhood and at the age of eighteen years. These children have grown up having the side effects resulting from the sexual acts. In America about 93 % of children are sexually abused not by strangers of someone from a far distance but rather a close friend, family member, or a close relative. However statistics have shown that 12-40% of children living in America have been subjects of sexual abuse. These children have grown up facing the effects and some have survived but with great scars left as a mark of sexual harassment. Therefore this research paper will explore the long term effects of sexual abuse signs and symptoms of sexual abuse, physical effects, emotional effects psychological effects, sexual effects to the survivors of sexual abuse.
Effects of Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Nobody wants to talk about it. No one wants to hear that such acts have happened to their children. People have gone ahead to pretend that it doesn't exist in their home. Some have given trust to their close relatives and as a result they have been blinded by their own trust. Some have even trusted their own marriage partners who have gone ahead to sexually harassed the children. But the truth remains, it is mostly done by close friends and family members. Love and trust has made other to even assume that such acts are not in their home since the children themselves have either spoken out late or did not speak at all due to the warnings and threatening thoughts and words they are exposed to. Someone may ask ‘what is this author talking about?' or ‘how is this possible?' the answer is very simple. Sexual abuse is the sexual intercourse or assault between an adults and a child. Their intention is to create an arousal to children by kissing or fondling in sexual manner, genital stimulation or oral genitals touch or contact. However, any behavior or contact that drives at stimulating a child sexually is an abuse. Furthermore, pornography and sexual magazines that a person can show to a child which will stimulate them are also an abuse. This is because the child will after be sexually aroused leading to intercourse or any thither sexual acts. Taking picture and showing erotic genital to a child with an intention of abusing the child have increasingly been seen in various families.
Adults who have been sexually harassed when they were young have encountered serious effects on their life. research show that survivors from sexual abuse have had difficulty mentally, sexually, and emotionally when facing adulthood and more so marriage (Rape, Abuse,& incest National Network, 2017).as previously mention that children are sexually abuse by either close friend or a close relative, research shows that those children have had difficulty in socializing, loving and trusting any close friend. Sexual abuses have led to some children evading their homes and as a result the family is torn apart. Most people would agree that incase on discover sexual harassment to their children by someone both frien...

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