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Employment Discrimination or Exploitation Research Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


The first section [“Historical Background”] should clearly define the policy or practice you have chosen and provide the historical, social, economic, and political, contexts for how and why the issue began, who implemented it, which institutions supported it, and how did public opinion reinforce or bring attention to it. In this section, you should also be prepared to discuss the degree of impact on black people (adults, children, families, health, mobility, advancement, etc.) and any resistance against or intervention in the chosen issue or problem and adequately provide a background about the population you chose to study.
The second section [“Contemporary Issue/Problem”] should discuss a recently published report, journal article, news media story, published essay, or television feature related to your policy or practice in which you specifically make the connection between the original policy or practice and its legacy, explaining the contemporary impact on black wealth creation.


Employment Discrimination or Exploitation
Institutional Affiliation
Employment Discrimination or Exploitation
The government needs to come up with practices and policies that will provide a continuous progress of the economy. The policies implemented are required to ensure that the nation achieves the set social and economic goals of production. Employment discrimination negatively contributes to the social and economic progress of the country demanding the lawmakers to develop laws that will handle the exploitation at the workplace. The discrimination is mainly in the form of gender, race or religion where some people appear superior to others in the community. The equal employment policies are aimed at providing an opportunity to all individuals regardless of their ethnic background (Arango-Lasprilla et al. 2014). Skills and knowledge should be used in recruiting staff for a sustained performance of the economy. The discrimination issues were common in the U.S leading to the development of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to deal with employment discrimination.
Historical Background
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was developed to ensure that there is a reduced rate of discrimination in the U.S. to ensure that the minority groups are accepted in the nation. African Americans were considered in the laws where the rights and freedom provided at the workplace were aimed at ensuring that there is equality. The white superiority was evident in employment where the black individuals were not given equal opportunities at managerial vacancies in the nation. The discrimination leads to the civil wars between the majority and minority groups in the U.S. President John F. Kennedy proposed the civil rights act which ensures that the rights of African American citizens in the United States are preserved for a constant growth of the nation. After much analysis of the needs of the minority African American President John F. Kennedy cited the necessity of equality in service provision for a steady flow of the economy. The law provided organization to perform proper recruitment that considers the ability of an individual rather than color, race, religion or sex. The equal employment opportunity commission was mandated to ensure that the act is appropriately practiced by the community for a stable performance of the nation. According to Feagin (2014) on the 1950s violence and terror activities were focused on the minority group in the U.S. which required the development of a policy that will focus on equality. The violence reduced the international trade in the nation which leads to the development of equality policy to increase public relations with other countries. The African American was also provided with a right to vote in ensuring that there are reduced cases of violence in the country. The rights granted minority an opportunity to generate extra revenue from international trade as the violence between the blacks and whites in the U.S. was embarrassing the country to other nations. According to Arango-Lasprilla et al. (2014), the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was mandated to enforce the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 to handle discrimination at the workplace.
The act positively impacted the lives of the black people through the increased opportunities in employment. The black people were able to maintain their family from the wages acquired from the job leading to social progress of the nation (Emerson & Murphy 2014). There were programs which were aimed at ensuring that there is reduced violence on minority groups in the society. People are required to work together towards the achievement of set macroeconomic goals of the U.S. The black people were able to acquire wealth from the jobs which provided a...

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