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Description of the Treaty of Paris and the American Independence (Essay Sample)


America became a free independent nation. With the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783, the former mother country, England, recognized that its children, the colonies, were now on their own. A constitutional republic was birthed, thus the challenges began. Slavery, the


Liberty Challenge
Liberty Challenge
Introduction and Thesis Statement
The signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783 was the advent of liberty challenge. At the time, American citizens rid themselves of the British rule and got their constitutional republic. Many people thought that it was the time for freedom to reign. Most American leaders and philosophers such as Adam Smith and John Locke proposed a need for individual worth with existence of inalienable rights, peace, and cooperation of a person's happiness (Lloyd, 2017). Thus, the American citizens anticipated equity and other fundamental achievements. However, for a very long time, American citizens never realized the much-anticipated freedom and liberty as classical liberalism took much of the political, economic and social arena. Instead, the leadership ventured on discrimination with much support of centralized planning, egalitarianism and much slavery instead of individual liberty, personal responsibility, natural law and free institution (Lloyd, 2017). Classical liberalism destroyed the rule of law and individual rights with the culmination of slavery as the main challenge of liberty with no free societies and loss human dignities. Thus, the present essay discusses the different events in America as an attempt to slavery as a challenge of liberty.
* Introduction
* Description of the Treaty of Paris and the American Independence
* The birth of liberty
* Thesis statement: Slavery as the main challenge of liberty, its causes, and impact
* Transition
* Body
1 Topic 1: American Compromises
* Sub-topic: Missouri Compromise of 1820
* Missouri was to be admitted as a state of slaves with a balance of admission of the Maine which was a free state separated from Massachusetts (Smith, 2017).
* Slavery was to be abandoned by other new states especially in Louisiana Purchase north boundary of southern Missouri (Smith, 2017).
* Sub-topic: Missouri compromise of 1850
* The north gained California which was a free state.
* Texas lost its territory with a compensation of $ 10 million for the debts (Smith, 2017).
* Washington DC prohibited slave trade
* The south strengthened they law on fugitive slaves (Smith, 2017).
* Sub-topic: Kansas-Nebraska Act
* The people of Kansas and Nebraska were allowed to make decisions to allow or not to allow slavery within their borders (Behnke, 2014).
* The Act brought divisions between the North and the South (Behnke, 2014).
* Sub-topic: Dred Scott Decision
* Black Americans were not considered to be citizens of the USA as they were not around when the Constitution was drafted in 1787 (Hardy, 2014).
* There was an increase in tension between the regions which resulted in Civil War (Hardy, 2014).
2 Topic 2: Incompatibility of Slavery with Political and Economic Systems
* Sub-topic: Exploitation of people during slavery could not result to rise in production which is an aspect of economic system hence slavery was not compatible with the economy of America (Hummel, 2013).
* Sub-topic: Slavery system began as a cultural consideration rather economic or capitalistic reasons in the economy. Hence, capitalism which falls between political an...
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