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Immigration VS Non-Immigration on Political Participation in Canada (Research Paper Sample)


Compare the non-immigration group and immigration group in Canada in terms of a social outcome (Political Participation). -First it should include a description of the social outcome in relation to Canada. -Second, it should describe the history and/or social standing of the groups. -Third, it should include a comparison with statistic date of the social outcome between the two groups and provide THREE sociological explanations as to why there is a difference(also need statistic data). -Lastly, suggest a possible solution to bring about equality between the two groups.


Immigration VS Non-Immigration on Political Participation in Canada
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The question of national identification has always been persistent though it has for quite some time now. A nation is made up of people from all walks of life with different and complex cultural and even racial backgrounds that impact on the economic, as well as social life of the very nation. This sometimes may lead to unrests due to lack of accommodating divergent views. The question of how the two major groups of immigrants and non- immigrants co- exist is primarily what this essay explores in the context of Canada. In a nutshell, the paper seeks to explain the complex social and political matrix that is a result of different groups settling down as a nation. Historically, the immigrant group refers to those who have their ancestry outside Canada and those with dual citizenship. On the other hand, the non-immigrants are those born in Canada and hence have their ancestry there (Geddes 2003).
Canada imagines itself as a community because, regardless of the actual inequality and exploitation that may prevail, the nation is conceived as a deep, horizontal comradeship. The community in Canada is complicated by struggles over language, race, ethnicity, sexuality as well as ecology. As a result, therefore, there has always been tension between the two groups which culminates into acute suspicion of each other. The first wave that is arguably ugly in the nation is cultural or identity politics with rampant discrimination based on the categories of race and ethnicity. This affected the policy of Canada which became less inclusive with the interests of the minority being ignored hence leading to tension and feelings of anxiety among the neglected groups (McDonald 2010).
The central and most acute problem in this regard, therefore, became the question of how to transcend essentialist and constructivist views of identity. In consideration of the disagreements on the theorization of rights and freedoms, the tensions between national identity and diversity require expansive examination of adequate research to help the two groups accept their differences and start living together peacefully despite the intricate backgrounds. With each group claiming a right on the national affairs, the politics is divided. This is a blatant abuse of democracy and a slap in the face of the government trying to call for mutuality in existence.
With rising immigration and the resulting ethnic diversity, the social and political life of people is bound to be affected adversely. A survey carried out clearly indicates a c...
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