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Multiculturalism and Immigration Policy (Research Proposal Sample)


Instructions and outline are on the files given, please help turning the outline into a research proposal. The 3 sources needed are also on the files provided (the site of the sources) , please do not use any sources other than the ones I provided.


Research Proposal on Hybrids under the Canadian Multiculturalism Policy
Objective of the proposal
To come up with a comprehensive way by which the lives of Hybrids in Canada can be made more comfortable. Especially, with the implementation of the new multiculturalism policy.
Literature Review
Previous articles by scholars show that Canada's immigration policy is the most obvious part of what might labeled as a population policy. In a liberal self-governing state such as Canada, only the dominant rates of immigration and not those of mortality, fertility and migration can be efficiently regulated. By controlling the means of an assortment and by controlling the number of entrants, the government seeks to fulfill a variety of national purposes. And conferring to the 1870-71 census, Canada's entire population was 3.6 million. In addition to native people of about 136 000 in 1851, the two major collections were the French (1 million) in addition to the British (2.1 million). Excluding the Germans who stood at 203 000, other groups such as Dutch, American blacks, Italians, Spanish and Portuguese were much lesser. During the next period, about 9.3 million people firmly settled in Canada and, although many departed on to the US or had exceeded 29 million. But after the immense settlement between 1903 and 1913, WWI and following political upheavals and economic difficulties, a much more deterring immigration policy. It was implemented and remained unaffected until 1962, when Canada's present universal and equal policy was introduced in phases (Wong & Annette, 2013).
It is undeniable that the Canadian law of evidence has been evolving in a way that addresses some cultural concerns. Canada’s pluralism in terms of both its diverse population and its guiding philosophy represents an experiment with the concept of multiculturalism. It is a term that was given legal effect by statute, and that has been translated into a principle of Charter interpretation. The Canadian constitution requires that the unique Canadian constitutional settlement protected. It also demands that the multiculturalism gave legal effect. In 1971, multiculturalism was adopted to represent the official policy of the federal government. It was in response to criticism made by ethnic groups, other than the English and French. They observed that the terms of reference of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism between 1963 and 1969 ignored the contribution of diverse cultures to the entire Canadian society.
The findings
The policy eventually preserved in the Multiculturalism Act in 1988 that specified the ability of all to identify with the social heritage of their prime.Preserve full and equitable participation in all aspects of the Canadian society.Canadian multiculturalism is essential to the belief that all citizens are equal. It ensures that all citizens can keep their identities, take pride in their ancestry and have a sense of belonging. Acceptance gives the Canadians a feeling of security and self-confidence, making them more open to and acceptance of diverse cultures (Green & David, 2015). The Canadian experience shows that multiculturalism encourages racial and ethnic harmony and cross-cultural understanding. It also discourages ghettoization, hatred, violence and discrimination in the society. The multiculturalism did not make the hybrid generation adopt their beliefs in favor of the new ones. Instead, the hybrids preserved their old beliefs into the new society in Canada.
Multicultural policies are forms of integration as opposed to assimilation. It is because Canada's immigration strategy also emboldens the dispersal of immigrants across the country. In the decades following the resurgence of immigration and the current policy has endeavored to encourage immigrants to settle...
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