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Psychopathology and Diagnosis: Individual Disease Descriptor System (Research Paper Sample)


Now that we have begun discussing the various classes of disorders and reviewing cases for fit, let's talk about different approaches to finding the correct diagnosis. Having our overview of the two different systems in use (the decision tree system from DSM-IV TR and the categorical approach of DSM-5) discuss:
1) The individual disease descriptor system – the content, organization, and usability including specific discussions of any deficits that you have identified.
2) Which system you find easier to navigate (and are thus more likely to use).
3) How you believe the systems might be used in tandem while in practice.


Psychopathology and Diagnosis
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Psychopathology and Diagnosis
DSM is an acronym for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. It is a manual that contains the list of different mental diseases, and psychiatrists and clinicians use it in the diagnosis of various mental illnesses (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). It is widely utilized all over the United States to diagnose mental diseases, offer treatment suggestions, and for the purposes of insurance coverage. This manual has been revised for several times in its history, with the newest one being published in 2013.
DSM-IV-TR is the predecessor of DSM-V and was published in 2000 after minor revisions to its original 1994 DSM-IV version. DSM-IV-TR contained descriptions of over 210 psychiatric illnesses, and was used by various mental health providers to identify the potential needs and interventions as well as a tool for examination and diagnosis of various psychiatric disorders (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). It uses five distinctive dimensions to describe disorders. This strategy was intended to make psychiatrist and clinicians have a thorough evaluation of the patient's level of functioning since mental diseases usually affect many aspects of life. The five dimensions are discussed below.
Axis I describes the various clinical symptoms that may result in considerable impairment. Here, disorders are divided into multiple groups, including mood, eating and anxiety illnesses.
Axis II also referred to as personality and mental retardation contains a description of long-term disorders that do not fall under Axis I category (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). It describes personal mental diseases such as antisocial personality disorder and mental retardation problems such as intellectual impairment.
Axis III describes medical and medical conditions that can affect the disorders listed in the above axis. The factors that

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