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Research Reveiw: Nderstanding Of Underlying Motivations (Research Paper Sample)


Double space , http;// Social causes of depression Answer question ?1. ) Describe in writing what constitutes qualitative ; provide two example. 2.) Identify one psychology related journal article that is base on qualitative research . 3.) Using the document attached as guide , summarize your journal article based on. 4.0 whether your article was based on a unstructured or individual in depth interview. Explain why your article was or was not any of these structures. 5.) how the researcher in the article selected the interviewers ? 6.) the interview process 7.) how the data was analyzed? 8.) what were the technical issues example how was the data recorded? 9.) were there any ethical issues involved? 10.) what were the authors conclusions relative to the research?


Research Review
Qualitative research is solemnly or can be termed as exploratory research. It is aimed at gaining an in-depth understanding of underlying motivations, opinions, and reasons. It acts as a provision of insights on certain problems. In quantitative research, it is helpful as it aids in the development of hypotheses and ideas. Just like any other research, the framework of qualitative research is composed of the design, methods, and conclusion. Qualitative research has got four constituents: usefulness, analyzability, credibility and transparency (Margaret & Paul, 2011). The above four criteria are fundamental in designing qualitative research framework for researchers and in their research studies.
The journal article; Positive Effects of Others on Those Who Are Depressed by Linda A. McDonagh is a good example of a qualitative research work. It is based on the ideas of Gregory S. Beattie’s work in the article titled Social Causes of Depression. Beattie talks about family and relatives being the cause of many depression cases in individuals. Linda agrees with this to some degree but also argues that these people are the ones who help the depressed get better. To some extent, Linda’s work is a controversy to Beatties’.
According to Linda, family members and relatives are more supportive and caring to the depressed members. This helps prevent depressions or it can lower the depression levels. The family relationships elevate moods and give a sense of belonging. Partners help each other struggle through hardships. The struggling partner will heal faster knowing that they are not alone. She also says that people who are not depressed establish good relationships with those who are depressed. She supports her point by saying that it is because they were in the same situation on time in their lives and therefore have a deeper understanding.
The author, to come up with her article, she must have gathered information through research . And as I said earlier, she used qualitative research. The best method she used definitely was through interviews. The author used an unstructured interviewing. She did not use any type or sample of predetermined questions (Stuart & Nicola). Her aim was to gain the understanding the influence family can have on members concerning depression. For the author to come to a conclusion that partners help each other out of a hard situation. And that it is easier to heal from depression with the help of a partner than on one's own, she must have let the interviewees share their experiences. This also applies to finding out that people who are free from depression relate well to those who are n...
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