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The Use of Federal Government Grants Made to Law Enforcement Agencies for Community Policing and the Effect on Crime (Research Paper Sample)


Describe the use of federal government grants made directly to law enforcement agencies for community policing programs and do these programs help reduce crime.
This is a scholarly Paper. Please conform to the most current APA writing style. Please include an abstract between 150-250 words.


The Use of Federal Government Grants Made to Law Enforcement Agencies for Community Policing and the Effect on Crime
Institutional Affiliation
Law enforcement officers play a great role in the promotion of public safety and community relations. They put their lives at risk every day to create a safer community. However, a safer community cannot be created by the officers alone. The community must also be involved. This gives rise to the concept of community policing. In order to perform their duties efficiently and ensure their safety, sufficient funding is required to achieve the required staffing and training levels. Moreover, they also need the resources to create and maintain trust within the communities where they serve. To help achieve this, the federal government provides funding through grants to state, territorial, local, as well as tribal law enforcement agencies. The grants are used in various ways, such as hiring police officers and other professionals and providing training, among a myriad of other uses. The intention of this paper is to discuss the use of the grants made by the federal government directly to the law enforcement agencies for community policing as well as the effect that these grants and efforts have had on crime.
The Use of Federal Government Grants Made to Law Enforcement Agencies for Community Policing and the Effect on Crime
Community Policing
Community policing refers to the various strategies that are aimed at promoting partnership between law enforcement officers and the community, with the aim of addressing conditions that lead to issues of public safety including crime, fear of crime, and general social disorder. While the traditional forms of policing majorly involved protection of the law-abiding members of the community from criminals, community policing focuses on the creation of a community that is safe and orderly. Some of the popular techniques of community policing include the use of cycle and foot patrols, educating the citizens on the importance of crime prevention through education, as well as partnerships with other agencies, both governmental and non-governmental. The community policing concept has existed in the United States from as far as the 19th century. The concept was meant to increase the engagement of police with the communities and create healthy relationships between the law enforcement agencies and the members of the community. The concept has evolved over time and community policing forms an integral part of major cities’ efforts to combat drugs, crime, as well as other criminal activities. Today, community policing incorporates social media as well as community engagement systems to enable sharing of information with the residents. The law enforcement agencies use civilian education and neighborhood watch to prevent crime. The patrol has been restructured to emphasize on proactive measures, including foot patrol rather than relying solely on emergency response. Police authority has also been decentralized, and officer accountability increased (Glowatski, Jones, & Carleton, 2017).
Grants from the Federal Government
On top of the widespread claim of racism within the law enforcement agencies, budgetary constraints are another barrier to the implementation of the community policing strategies (Harmon, 2015). To help bridge the budgetary gap, the federal government offers funding to the law enforcement agencies in the form of grants. The Department of Justice through the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) extends funding to the various law enforcement agencies to support their effort

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