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Learning Respones, Changes Needed, Alignment Changes (Research Paper Sample)


 In no more than one single-spaced page, address (and post on Canvas) the "Agility" Challenge/Opportunity your Learning Group Company is assigned (see below):1. Would your company need to change its Why? Value Proposition/Culture/Leadership? Products/Services?  2. What alignment changes would need to be made on an organizational or functional level? E.g. If the organizational and/or functional value proposition has to change, how would you need to realign culture and leadership?3. Finally, how would the changes you make impact your company's Why?
"EZ Send": --Economists are predicting that the price of crude oil (and thus gas) will double or triple in the coming year.  
*EZ send is an imaginary company it is like UberRushI also attach the PPT for our presentation that might make sense, Thank you.


Learning Responses
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Learning Responses
Changes Needed
Economists have predicted that the price of crude oil, including gas, will double or triple in the coming year and this will definitely affect the operations of EZ Send. EZ Send is a business that operates in the transportation industry and it specializes in the delivery of services that connect parties at the push of a button. This implies that a sharp increase in the price of gas will lead to a significant increase in the cost of operations, implying that the management team will have to make crucial changes to ensure that the business remains viable and profitable. As a response to the expected changes, a number of alignment changes ranging from organizational culture to the functions of the company will have to be implemented in order to sustain the agility of the organization.
Alignment Changes
It is important to ask why, how and what alignment changes will be necessary to ensure that service delivery is not negatively affected by the increase in the cost of gas. The reason why realignment is needed is to enable the business to deliver products and services to the places where they are needed faster and efficiently. This will be crucial for the management team will have to factor in the cost of gas and whether this cost will be transferred to the client

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