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Solution to Deforestation Literature & Language Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


This is the problem solution Essay. I made an argument of the destruction of deforestation and the main solution to it will be controlling the local farmer from using forest land as their own farming land, I'll upload the Rubric of the Essay and my Annotated Bibliography as Reference.


Rubric for Final Paper: Problem-Solution Content: problem: 45 • Problem statement • Importance • Stakeholders • Why it’s hard to solve • Use of at least 6 sources 40-45 pts All 5 questions answered completely; problem is convincing; 6 sources wellintegrated and used compellingly 30-39 pts All 5 questions answered completely; 4-5 sources integrated and used correctly 15-29 pts most questions answered; problem incomplete or trivial; <4 sources minimally used or used incorrectly 0-14 pts <3 questions answered; sources not used or used incorrectly; plagiarism Content: solutions: 45 • 2+ solutions • Description & eval for each solution • Argument for best solution • Use of sources 40-45 pts complete and effective descriptions and evaluations; solutions realistic and thoughtful; arguments effective; sources well-integrated and used compellingly 30-39 pts complete descriptions and evaluations; arguments effective; sources support main points. 15-29 pts solutions minimally described and evaluated; sources mentioned but not integrated; ineffective argument for favorite solution 0-14 pts no comparison of solutions; argument absent; sources not used or used ineffectively; plagiarism Organization: 30 • Thesis statement • Clear focus for paragraphs • Transitions 25-30 pts Complete & skillful thesis statement; each paragraph clearly focused; order of paragraphs effective; skillful transitions 16-24 pts Complete thesis statement; each paragraph focused; order of paragraphs effective; good transitions 8-15 pts thesis statement mostly complete; paragraphs loosely focused and organized; minimal transitions 0-7 pts incomplete or absent thesis statement; lack of focus; misleading or absent transitions Language control: 30 • Complete sentences • Vocabulary use 25-30 points vivid, persuasive, and academic language, varied and correct sentence structure, <2 sentence errors 16-24 points persuasive & academic language, varied and correct sentence structure, <5 sentence errors 7-15 points language is adequate but not college level; some problems with word choice; sentences may lack variety or complexity; many sentence errors 0-6 points low-level language choices, many problems with word choice; many sentence errors Citations & references: 30 • Correct in-text citation format • Complete reference page in correct APA format 25-30 pts nearly perfect citations; references included for every source used in paper. 16-24 pts <5 mistakes in-text; references include every source used in paper. 8-15 pts <10 mistakes 0-7 pts many mistakes; inadvertent plagiarism Grammar & Mechanics: 20 17-20 pts <5 errors that don’t affect understanding 11-16 pts <8 errors, may impede understanding 5-10 <10 errors 0-4 many errors that interfere with understanding Total:


2019 Annotated bibliography Heres, D., Ortiz, R., & Markandya, A. (2013). Deforestation in private lands in Brazil and policy implications for REDD programs: An empirical assessment of land use changes within farms using an econometric model. International Forestry Review, 15(2), 169-181. doi: 10.1505/146554813806948468 This paper presents a land-use model that measures the farmer’s decision on farming their crops, by using this model. We are able to find substitution land for the local farmer to grow their crops such as soybeans, sugarcane and pasture. By using these lands instead of forest, we are able to protect the forest from deforestation. This Paper provided a lot of Specific number and Internationally acknowledged organization like (REDD) Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation. this paper is also reviewed by International Forest Review, and has given positive feed back on the solution provided in the Journal. I can use this source as one of the solution to my deforestation problem, by finding a substitution land, we wouldn’t need to be worry about private farmer taking over forest place and eventually cause deforestation. Schneider, C., Coudel, E., Cammelli, F., & Sablayrolles, P. (2015). Small-scale farmers needs to end deforestation: Insights for REDD in So Felix do Xingu (Par, Brazil). International Forestry Review, 17(1), 124-142. doi:10.1505/146554815814668963 This paper is presenting the method local organization REDD is using to find incentive for the local farmers to find other places to do the crops and what method is required to make the transition work. This paper is reviewed by C. Schneider, E. Coudel, F. Cammelli, P. Sablayrolles and so on. and reference on this paper is also international acknowledged. By giving us scholarly approved data and current event, readers are able to see things through a professional way. This paper is actually connect with the other one in this annotated bibliography which talks about the model that is helping local farmer to make substitution on farming land, by connecting these two sources I will be able to give a entire process of moving farming land away from the forest to keep it away from deforestation. Sandker, M., Finegold, Y., Dannunzio, R., & Lindquist, E. (2017). Global deforestation patterns: Comparing recent and past forest loss processes through a spatially explicit analysis. International Forestry Review, 19(3), 350-368. doi:10.1505/146554817821865081 This study explores how deforestation relates to biophysical and socio-economic variables in a quantitative, spatially explicit analysis. By comparing past and current deforestation data, they are able to find out the the main cause of deforestation before is agricultural expansion was the largest direct cause of deforestation and it will be the largest problem that we will be facing nowadays. The study uses location analysis, combining spatially explicit global databases of deforestation with variables hypothesized to relate to deforestation, also reviewed by M. Sandker, Y. Finegold, R. D'Annunzio, E. Lindquist which belongs to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Forestry Policy and Resources Division, Forestry Department, Rome, Italy. By giving us a historical fact that already happened, readers are able to know the fact of the future that is already happening. I can relate this to the two solution I found giving to solve local farmers that is using forest land to do farming. by giving them a substitution land, they will be able to solve this making cause of deforestation. Holland, E. (2017, June 12). Deforestation-Causes, Effects, and Solutions. Retrieved from https://futurism(dot)media/deforestation-causes-effects-and-solutions In this passage author introduced that piercer production is 400 million tons a year, which means it will cost about 640 million, but if we’re doing recycle, we will be able to save about 27.5 million tons of carbon dioxide that is going into the atmosphere, that was needed to produce paper and cutting down tree. This Paragraph not only give us an approximation on the cost of paper’s production, but also a solution in decreasing the number, and some good result of that method. The using of numbers make it more reliable to readers. I can use this paragraph as one of the solution to deforestation problem, with the same number of tree being chop down we can even make more papers, and that decreases the future harvest of forest. in this way we can slow down the process of deforestation, and protect the environment in the mean while. The Link Between Deforestation and Disease. (2019, February 01). Retrieved from https:// www(dot)ecohealthalliance(dot)org/2017/11/deforestation-impact-planet gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzZuuwffe4AIVkhh9Ch2s8woKEAAYAyAAEgI7afD_BwE The passage says that there are about 12.3 million people in U.S. that is living along the land that is less than 10 feet above sea level, and if the West Antarctic ice sheet melt, that sea levels will rise more than 10 feet which will eventually goes over the cities besides the coast. The precise number that written in this paragraph give us a more obvious look on how much destruction it will cause, and spout out the feeling of intense for readers. I can use this paragraph to demonstrate the destruction cause by deforestation, after telling that deforestation is the main cause of global warming, with the temperature getting higher and higher, it will affect the antarctic ice and will eventually leads to a melting state, and all the coast cities will be affected. The Link Between Deforestation and Disease. (2019, February 01). Retrieved from https:// www(dot)ecohealthalliance(dot)org/2017/11/deforestation-impact-planet gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzZuuwffe4AIVkhh9Ch2s8woKEAAYAyAAEgI7afD_BwE The passage informs us that because of the deforestation animals actually live closer to human-being which brings up the possibility of catching an animal disease, such as zoonotic disease, Nipah virus, Zika, and Ebola is also linked to deforestation, By giving us a current event, readers see the importance of the event that is happening and lead to the problem source which is the deforestation, giving a more clearly view to the impact. I can use it to show another one of the problem that is leading by deforestation, except for what is going to happen in the future, this one actually tells us what is happening right now, so to the reader this is something that is more essential and will spout out the worry of the readers.


Solution to Deforestation
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Deforestation is considered as a permanent or partial destruction of forest and forest resources for utilization of the forest or trees (Holland, 2017). Deforestation involves clearing of trees without the intention of reestablishing them. The major activities or events which result in deforestation include massive tree harvesting without replacement for commercial use or other intended use of the forest land like farming or construction. Currently, most of the forest lands are converted into agricultural farms, construction sites, housing and urban development. The increasing rate of deforestation requires action to protect forests as the natural resources in order to enhance natural resource sustainability (Sandker, Finegold, D'Annunzio, & Lindquist, 2017). Natural resource poly formulation and implementation should focus on the protection of damages caused by deforestation and enhance strategies that promote resilience of damaged forest land. This can be achieved through controlling and regulating farming activities along forest regions and taking initiatives to rehabilitate the land as discussed herein.
Deforestation is highly experienced in major forest regions across the world like the Amazon, Borneo, Congo Basin, and Russian Far East. These lands were initially characterized by thick forests with canopies which are currently fading slowly due to the increasing rate of deforestation. Currently, over half of the world forest has experienced massive destruction without any hope in replacement or rehabilitation (Holland, 2017). Anthropocentric activities like farming, mining, urbanization, building and construction, and illegal poaching are the major contributors to the increasing deforestation rate. Little has been done to conserve natural resources with a massive resistance experienced from human beings who are major beneficiaries of these resources.

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