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Discussion paper (Research Paper Sample)

1/Selecting one argument from the Evolution Debate, describe how you could apply one element of Fawcett's criteria. 2/ Is Fawcett's criteria applicable to all types of theories? Please explain your answer. source..

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(January 31, 2012)
Discussion Paper
The origin of mankind remains as controversial as it can get with different scholars trying to hit the jackpot of earning the honors of unraveling the mystery. The different theories developed such as the creation and evolution theory all seem to contradict on the exact happenings (Haught, 2010). Darwin’s theory of evolution has been subject to many debates as it proposes that man evolved from apes; this spars a lot of debate on the definition of science and separation from religion. On the other hand the theory must meet certain criteria so as to pass as a scientific explanation. This paper discuses how to apply the testability element in Fawcett's criteria to solve an argument on the evolution debate. It also explains whether Fawcett's criteria applicable to all types of theories.
Fawcett's criterion is based on internal consistency, testability, pragmatic adequacy, significance parsimony and empirical adequacy (Fawcett, 2005). The evolution of mankind as described by Darwin focuses on the issue of natural selection where apes developed the traits suitable to make them survive. The testability of this theory is accurate on the basis of applying the natural selection theory; however it fails in the explanation of where the apes originated from. The testability of this debate would be unresolved if the issue of origin is still controversial (Fawcett, 1999). Religions dispute this theory of evolution and give their support to their creation and hence consistency lacks in it (Scott, 2005). This would require more study to ensure consistency in the evolution theory and more supportive evidence other than archeological excavations.
Can Fawcett's criteria explain theories that are described better through qualitative than quantitative research? Explain?
The answer to this question is yes. Qualitative research intends to give an understanding of fundamental reasons and also to offer an insight into a given set of problem or hypothesis. It also seeks to uncover the prevailing trends in a given opinion. Quantitative research on the other hand seeks to quantify data and generalize their results. Fawcett's criterion is therefore more applicable to...
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